Australia will devastate if it curbs immigration

Australia will devastate if it curbs immigration

Australia will devastate if its curbs immigration as the silent force behind its 26th consecutive year of growth of the economy is immigration. The nation is always happy to praise this fact, but the chief reason behind its growth is not getting adequate respect.

Prudish political leaders sometimes refer this phenomenon as population growth and demographics. The politicians of Australia and its policymakers must be really loud enough regarding the role played by immigration in its sustained economic expansion.

Does anyone dislike economic growth? It seems that some people do not like it. Australia does have its nativist populist right-wing rabble.

The population growth of Australia has chiefly owed to immigration that has added more than 50% in the last 30 years, as quoted by the Bloomberg. Australia has a vast landscape and large areas are scarcely populated. Majority of them reside in the corner hugging the Southern and Eastern shores. Thus, this portion of the nation is getting overtly strained with respect to infrastructure.

Prices of houses are perceived to be beyond the reach for many although this is not a phenomenon unique to Australia. Single agenda political leaders gamble with the theory that immigration curbs will fetch those votes in rural areas or suburbs.

Australia has mandatory voting ensuring participation of all eligible voters. Thus the far extreme candidates are likely to be buried by the more conservative parties. They can rattle around and make trouble by winning the odd seat by siphoning votes.

Immigration is a simple but dangerous issue for misusing. The economic story of Australia would not have been this joyous one devoid of immigration. In order to extend the 26-year recession free run, politicians must defy the populist temptation.

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