Australian tourism 2019 had most visitors from China!

Australia tourism 2019 shows China as the largest contributor

Australia tourism

Those visiting Australia on a visitor visa find it a vibrant and wonderful nation. The statistics of visitors to Australia in 2019 show a very encouraging trend. Though affected by bush fires, its tourism scene seems to have survived the odds.

Among the contributors to Australia’s international visitors, China stood on top. The total number of international visitors to Australia in 2019 was 9.5 million. This was a new record! The increase in the number of visitors was 2.7%. Of these total visitors, 1.44 million people came from China’s mainland. Of these visitors, most came for holidaying (nearly 765,000). The next largest crowd came to meet their friends and relatives (272,000).

Another country that came close to China’s visitor count was New Zealand. It registered a total number of 1.41 million visitors. Among them, nearly 567,000 came for holidaying and 531,000 came to meet their friends and relatives.

In 2019, Australia recorded a 3% increase in the number of international visitors aged 15+ years. The most important motivating factor for the visitors were holidays, education and jobs. All these sections saw a jump of 3% in 2019. This contributed to a strong growth owing to the spending of these visitors in these sectors. The spending figures were at 11% on employment visits, 7% on education visits and 5% on holidays.

The average length of holidays in Australia in 2019 was 32 nights. The average spend per trip in Australia was $5,219. The most popular local transport modes used by international visitors in Australia were buses (42%), trains (45%), and Uber (30%).

While 37% of visitors to Australia made their first visit, 63% of visitors made return visits. The target worth for Australian tourism for 2020 is set at $115 billion to $140 billion.

When it comes to Australians’ travel preferences, New Zealand scored the highest. It was the most favorite travel destination of Australians in 2019. Indonesia came next in preference.

It was observed that Australians proved to be quite a travel-loving people in 2019. They spent an average of 14 days in other countries during their tours. Specifically speaking, they spent an average of 24 days in the UK, 23 days in India and 17 days in China.

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