Australia plagued by the loss of migrants in huge numbers in 2020

Nearly 600,000 temporary visa holders left Australia in 2020

The year 2020 has been hard on Australia just as it was for most of the nations of the world. The major concern Australia has now is the continuation of the decline in migrants through the years that only worsened in 2020. Australia immigration is up for a challenging time and we believe that Australia can do enough to win over its issues with a dwindling migrant population.

Australia had 600,000 lesser temporary visa holders in the country in 2020. These include those on Australia travel visa, tourists, temporary visa holders, international students, holidaymakers, and Australia work permit visa holders. There was a mass exodus that led to this many people leave the country back to their homelands.

The event has left great concerns for the country as it has posed a threat to the country’s economic well-being. The COVID-19 situation has created a decline in migrants in the following manner in 2020:

  • Bridging visa holders – 120,000
  • Student visa holders – 31,000

By June 2020, 143,000 Australian visa holders just left the country leaving a blank patch that’s now for the country to fill. The border ban for non-Australians imposed for safety from the COVID-19 virus has discouraged most of those who have left to return to the country. Thus, the tourism and education industry has been hit the worst. It’s been reported that Australian universities have shed 17,000 jobs in 2020.

Australia’s farming sector is also facing a dearth of labor. There’s a real crisis of Australia’s rapidly aging population, getting older faster in the period after the pandemic struck.

It’s imminent that the current border closures will put a halt to the influx of particularly skilled workers that could bring many projects in Australia to a standstill. These projects need this specialized set of skills at work. When migrants, who possess them, leave the country or won’t migrate to Australia, the situation flashes all the red lights as it is happening now.

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