Australia mulls reducing visa types from 99 to 10

Australia mulls reducing visa types from 99 to 10

The federal government of Australia is requesting views and opinions on its future visa system through its ‘Policy Consultation Paper – Visa Simplification: Transforming Australia’s Visa System’.

The DIBP (Department of Immigration and Border Protection) is said to be inviting submissions to make the visa system of Australia more receptive to its security, economic and social interests. .au quotes the DIBP website as saying thought their visa system has served the country well, it needs overhauling.

It adds that Australia’s visa system is a relic of times past and totally unsuited to this future.

As the visa system is highly complex comprising 99 individual visa categories, it is tougher for visitors and others to navigate and comprehend and testing for the government to oversee.

The website note says that it would also adversely impact the attractiveness of Australia as a destination of choice for many tourists. It added that the Down Under requires a visa system that is simpler to understand, more appropriate to the quickly increasing number of visitors and adaptable enough for Australia to continue being a competitive destination for temporary visitors and the long-term migrants it needs.

The main areas that will be considered would be to reduce the number of visas about 10 visas from the present 99, the demarcation between temporary entry and long-term/permanent residents and making sure that the visa system boosts Australia as an attractive destination for temporary as well as long-term entrants.

The DIBP would like to know  what public would feel about system with 10 visas; what factors should be taken into consideration when streamlining the visa system; what should be the crucial features of a simplified and flexible visa system; how should the temporary and permanent visas be different; what are the requirements for a migrant to be eligible for permanent residence; what is the role played by the visa system in ensuring that Australia remains attractive to the crème-de-la-crème of temporary and permanent migrants; and so on.

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