Australia figures in the five best countries globally to be an immigrant, says study

Australia figures in the five best countries globally to be an immigrant, says study

Australia was ranked among the best five countries worldwide to be an immigrant, according to a list compiled by US News and World Report, an American publisher of researches and rankings.

To arrive at this, the ranking company factored in issues such as economic stability, job markets and income inequality.

Sweden, which ranks at the very top in human development indices globally, was ranked the most immigrant-friendly country. While Canada and Switzerland took the second and third best spots for the same respectively, Australia emerged fourth in the ranking. Fifth spot was taken by Germany.

The publisher said that the ranking of the United States declined because of its apparent economic inequity.

According to Yahoo News, over 21,000 people across the world took part in the Best Countries survey.

Four measures were taken into consideration before arriving at the results. They were economic stability, income equality, good job market and a place where one would like to live in.

US News and World Report also took into account data from the United Nations and the World Bank on migrant populations to decide the rankings.

Deidre McPhillips, a data reporter who helped arrive at the rankings, told the Washington Post that although their methodology did not specifically concentrate on refugees, immigration policies and integration measures per analysis were taken into consideration from the UN.

She said that their aim with this poll was to direct their attention to the economic aspects of immigration and the effects they could have on a country’s perceived image worldwide.

While nations of Europe and North America got the best ranks, Kenya was ranked the lowest and Tunisia took the penultimate place.

In the US News Best Countries poll, Australia was ranked eighth where entrepreneurship, cultural influence, quality of life and adventure were taken as the assessment measures.

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