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Posted on April 12 2022

5 international scholarships to study in London’s business schools

By Editor
Updated October 26 2023

London business schools have established CEOs, directors, government ministers, and famous personalities. Wong Kan Seng is the former Deputy Prime Minister of Singapore, Nisreen Shocair is the CEO (Middle East) of the Yoox Net-A-Porter Group, Maria Kiwanuka is the Senior Advisor to the President of Uganda. These illustrious figures have graduated from the same school of business in London. Supposedly, there are countless personalities as such who have witnessed their lives and careers transform for good. Although talent exists globally, opportunities don’t. With the rent at a minimum of 341 pounds every month and the increase in expenses at great speed within three decades, graduating or studying in London could be frightfully expensive. However, the scholarships come to the rescue to finance your education— if not wholly, partly— your living and tuition expenses here. *Check your eligibility to the UK with Y-Axis Australia Immigration Points Calculator instantly.   Put together five scholarships for the international students looking forward to finishing their studies in esteemed London business schools. Imperial College Business School To register, you must get a chance to complete MBA Full-Time and put forward an outstanding leadership, academic, and professional track record. The Full-Time MBA fee for 2022 is 57,200 pounds. There is a chance of 50% of the fee to be sponsored for the recipients of The Black Future Leader Award and Forte Fellowships for Women. The imperial provides alternative scholarships valued at 25,000 pounds where you need not show that you’re self-financed. London Business School The tuition fee for MBA is 97,500 in 2022. Suppose you possess professional and academic merit and can explain the ability to support all the areas of the MBA program. You will automatically be the priority and be considered for the fund scholarships — as they pay the entire tuition fee. This is the formidable general group of scholarships for MBA, with various awards presented every year. The MBA applicants whose nationality is from African countries and meet the requirements receive the African Scholarship, which is valued at 20,000 pounds. Regent’s University London Recognized in 2017, the Dr. Nicholas Bowen Award for Excellence provides 2,000 pounds to a particular student who explains the below characteristics:

  • Academic achievements
  • Spirit of business
  • Dedication to globalism and
  • Capability to build societal spirit within the student body

The other scholarship accessible to undergraduates of every nationality is the Dean of Business & management’s Excellence Scholarship. Every year, atleast one scholarship will provide half the fees for the period of a standard program, and two scholarships will cover four parts of the year for a formal program. Goldsmiths, University of London India and Pakistan with GREAT Scholarships 2022 are worth 10,000 pounds as a fee renouncement. Two students from India and Pakistan have received a proposal that has a single position available for the postgraduate-taught courses in the following areas:

  • Institute for Cultural and Creative Entrepreneurship
  • Design and Computing
  • Institute of Management Studies
  • Psychology and
  • Politics and International Relations

The deadline to submit this application is Sunday at 11:59 PM (BST), May 22, 2022. Hult Business School The Hult provides several awards for the undergraduate students based on their needs:

  • The Entrepreneurship Spirit Award
  • Social Impact Award and
  • Visionary Women Award

The recipients will receive 30,000 pounds over three years and 40,000 pounds over four years. To register for this, you first need to submit your student application; afterward, a 400-500 words essay or a five-minute video that describes your dedication to every cause. Planning to Migrate to the UK? Get guidance from Y-Axis, the leading Overseas Consultant in Australia, If you found this Blog engaging, continue to read... All you need to know about UK Self Sponsorship  


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