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Right Course > Right Path

Right Course > Right Path

We help you discover the right course based on your preferred career path

One Stop Shop

One Stop Shop

Our service package ensures we are with you at every step of your journey from entrance exams to admissions to visas and post-landing support

Serves Students. Not Universities

Serves Students. Not Universities

We take pride in providing unbiased advice to students. We are not in partnership with any university and are an independent overseas education consultant

Things to know about Y-Axis

We work

We work for you

As an Overseas Immigration Company, we empathize with the aspirations, struggles, and sacrifices our families make to provide us with a quality education. Understanding that many parents often finance education through student loans, we aim to alleviate this burden by devising a program that enables you to repay your student loan upon graduation. Our approach not only helps you become debt-free but also fosters financial independence, boosting your confidence and self-esteem in the process. By empowering you to manage your loan repayment, we strive to ensure a brighter and more secure future for you and your family.

We offer you great value

Experience unmatched value and convenience with our bundled services, designed to provide you with Australia's best career consultant by your side for a lifetime. Our all-inclusive package comprises counseling, course selection, documentation support, coaching for entrance exams, and assistance with student visa applications. When you explore the unit price of our services, you'll recognize the exceptional fairness and affordability we offer. Join us to access comprehensive guidance and support, ensuring a seamless journey towards your educational and career aspirations in Australia.

We Offer
we make it

We make it a great investment

What does your money buy you? Just a degree? You should be getting more than that.


You can get not only a degree but also a skill that will get you not only a job but also a PR visa.


Did you know some courses are eligible for a PR Visa and others are not? Once you enter a country on the wrong course or degree, you will not only find it difficult but also very expensive.


If you plan and strategize well you can make it a great investment that can change your life positively. You have one chance to make it happen  and you have to do it right the first time.

We offer a relationship of a lifetime

We don’t see you as a one-time customer. We would like to be with you for a lifetime in every step of your journey even after you graduate. Sometimes we feel that this is when you need us the most – when you have just landed and need someone at the airport, when you have a migration  issue or need to find a job abroad.

we offer
Life Changing

Our counselling is life changing

Our Y-Path for students charts a path for you to become a Global Citizen who makes his parents, friends, community and country proud.


Y-Path is a result of Y-Axis years of counseling experience that has helped thousands of aspirants to settle abroad.


Nobody understands overseas careers like we do. When we say that we mean that nobody understands it in its totality – in all its implications from funding to immigration to finding a job. To us admissions is the easy clerical part – the harder part is to chalk a career path for you.

Our processes are integrated

We are not only a one-stop-shop, all our services are integrated to ensure a smooth flow from one department to the other and one stage to the other. Even after you graduate you can continue using our customer service.



Y-Axis adoption of cutting-edge technology, including and Genesys, allows us to provide you with an enhanced customer experience. We are just a call, e-mail, chat or even a small drive away

Process Integrated
Premium Membership

Premium memberships & verified status

When you sign up with us, you appear in our open resume bank as a premium member which allows potential employers to contact you directly.



To help them verify who you are, you will show up as a Y-Axis Verified student, which means we would do the basic checks about your identity and credentials and endorse you.


Apart from this, you also get to

Job search services upon graduation

Job search services upon graduation

Before you realize it, you will have graduated and will be searching for a job. We will provide you all the support needed for the job search.

Become part of Global Indian community

Become part of Global Citizen community

We will help you network with other immigrants living abroad. As a member of our own network you will also have the opportunity to share your experiences that will help other students.

Get immigration support

Get immigration support

We are presumably the world’s largest immigration firm and no other firm has the experience we have as an overseas education consultant filing new applications. Several thousands of immigrants have settled abroad using our services.

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