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Why Subclass 407 Visa?

  • Participate in occupational job-based training.
  • Stay for upto 2 years in Australia.
  • Find employment related to your course of study.
  • Work for 40 hours per fortnight.
  • Have your family accompany you to Australia.

Subclass 407 Visa

The Subclass 407 visa can be known as a Training visa given solely to seek work-related training facilities. It is a temporary visa that permits the candidate to stay in Australia for up to two years. Professional developmental training programs or work enhancement training can be sought after with Subclass 407 visa. You can stay within the Australian territory and gain work expertise related to your occupation.

Benefits of Getting a 407 Visa

This provisional visa lets you get trained in the following:

  • Business registration or licensing training
  • Structured training for the eligible skilled occupations
  • Overseas qualification training
  • Occupational training
  • Professional development training

With subclass 407 visa, you can:

  • Apply for the visa via onshore & offshore modes.
  • Live in Australia for up to two years.
  • Travel to and from Australia until the validity of the visa.
  • Get your family to accompany you to the country (eligible candidates only)

Subclass 407 Visa Requirements

Subclass 407 visa allows you to take your family to Australia, provided the requirements are met. The paperwork and proof requirements for Subclass 407 visa are given below:

Type of Visa



Subclass 407 Training Visa

Age proof

Proof of Nomination

Proof of Sponsorship

Any previous visa

Proof of valid visa

Proof of health insurance

Proof of English language proficiency

Health certificates

Proof of character or Code of Conduct

Proof of Australian debt clearance (if applicable)

Proof of funds

Proof related to occupational training

Letter stating the registration of training

Statement of Australian values

A 407 visa holder can take their family members or dependents to Australia.

The document requirements are given below –


Subclass 407 Training Visa

Requirements for Family Members

Proof of Identification of your partner

Proof of relationship by a Australian state or  Australian territory

Paperwork that prove the legitimacy of at least 1 year of your relationship 

Parental consent for minors (applicable for minors)

Form 1229 Proof of travel consent

Order from an Australian court permitting the child to travel (applicable for minors)

Proof suggesting that the native home-country laws permit minors to travel (applicable for minors)

There are different requirements for children above 18+ years of age.

You can find the details in the table given below –

Subclass 407 Training Visa

Documents Required for 18+ children

Proof of identity

Proof of character

Proof of relationship with the visa holder

Form 47A if the child is a 18+ dependent

Proof of financial dependency

Medical certificates


How to Apply for a 407 Visa?

Step 1: Get sponsorship and a nomination application from your sponsor. 

Step 2: Gather all the required documents that, include health insurance, proof of funds, sponsorship, nomination, or government invitation certificates.

Step 3: Apply for a visa online.

Step 4: Submit the requirements.

Step 5: Migrate to Australia.

Eligibility Requirements

The candidate must be clear about the given eligibility criteria to apply for a 407 Visa.  The eligibility for Subclass 407 visa applicants is given below:

  • Have an authorized sponsor.
  • Nomination for occupational training from your sponsor.
  • Must be the age of 18 or older.
  • An invitation to apply (in the case of the Commonwealth agency).
  • Health insurance.
  • High level of English language proficiency.
  • Australian value of statement.
  • No debt to the government of Australia.
  • No rejected or canceled visa and applications.
  • Medical certificates.

The eligibility for Subclass 407 visa sponsors is given below –

A registered organization based in Australia or a government-based agency.

  • Offer occupational training
  • Have no criminal record.
  • Must adhere to all the sponsorship agreements.

The eligibility for Subclass 407 visa nominators is given below –

  • Must have the legal right to sponsor activities (or)
  • Have applied to gain authority to sponsor activities.

The Subclass 407 costs AUD 325 for the main applicant.

Processing Time


Processing Time


44 days


7 months


12 months


21 months

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