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Why 186 Visa?

  • Direct Route To Get Australia PR
  • Sponsor Your Family Members
  • Enjoy Australia’S Public Healthcare Benefits
  • Travel To And From Australia For 5 Years
  • Apply For Australian Citizenship

What Is 186 Visa?

Aspirants who are willing to migrate to Australia along with PR visa can opt for this visa. Work and settle in Australia with 186 visa. It is an Employer Nomination Scheme visa that allows skilled workers, who are nominated by an employer to settle in Australia permanently.

186 visa streams

This visa has visa streams of three types:

  • Direct entry
  • Labor agreement
  • Temporary residence transition

Direct entry: It requires a nomination from an Australia-based employer to be processed, and the occupation needs to be on the qualified skilled occupation list.  People who receive approval are allowed to reside permanently in Australia, and they must have moved directly from their native country.

Labour agreement stream: It is applicable for employers who partake in a labor agreement. The employers need to nominate skilled workers who should be in a profession which are identified as ‘skilled’ and be present on the skilled occupation list. This visa allows its holders to work and live permanently in Australia.

Temporary residence transition stream: It is an employer-nominated scheme that needs employees to be currently working for their present employers on a full-time basis for a minimum of three years. It needs a 457, TSS, or any other bridging visa. With 186 visas, its holders can permanently reside in Australia and continue staying in their existing homes in the country.

Eligibility Criteria for 186 Visa

There are various essential criteria to apply for the 186 visas. You need to be skilled worker. You need to possess the skills to do the job which is on the skilled occupation list. It includes having related work experience, usually at least three years in the profession or trade you opted for. To show that you are eligible, you would need to submit a skills assessment, possess a related license, registration, or be associated with a governing body.

Get sponsored by Australia-based employer: You need to have been nominated by an Australia-based employer. Your potential employer needs to go through official routes to nominate you to ensure that they are legally operating. Visas can be rejected if there is any adverse information about the nominator or if the nomination has been withdrawn.

Age requirements: Visa 186 needs you to be below 45 years when you submit your application. There are waivers, for example, for academia, researchers, and scientists, or you already hold a 444 visa and have already been serving the employer who has decided to nominate you.

Health insurance: The applicants, and any family members who are accompanying them, need to meet the minimum requirements of health. While tuberculosis is included, it is not restricted to it only. It’s to make sure that they do not burden the healthcare system of Australia additionally. You must undergo a health examination from a recognized healthcare provider, and on your behalf, they will submit the results.

Good conduct: These character conditions are to ensure that you have good character.

*Note: A visa can be denied if you have a criminal history, have been associated with banned groups or organizations, or seem to show the potential to partake in criminal activities/provoke conflict in Australia.

Police clearance certificate: You may need to furnish a police clearance certificate from any country you have been a resident of and fill up a form and make a statutory declaration.

Skilled occupation list: Your job should be on the skilled occupation list. This list varies to meet the modifying demands. Since all occupations are not eligible for every visa type, ensure that your occupation is listed on the 186 visa listing.

Language requirements: You need to meet minimum criteria in English. If you are not a citizen of the USA, UK, Canada, NZ, or Ireland, you must be proficient in English. You need to have reasonable scores in tests such as IELTS, PTE Academic, TOEFL iBT, Cambridge C1 Advanced tests, or OET.

Steps to Apply for 186 Visa

Step 1: Check your eligibility through Y-Axis Australia Immigration Points Calculator

Step 2: Make your employer sponsor you under the direct entry stream and obtain from them the TRN (Transaction Reference Number).

Step 3: Complete all of your paperwork by taking relevant skills assessments, tests in English language proficiency, and fulfilling all other tests for eligibility criteria.

Step 4: You need to apply for this visa within less than six months of getting nominated. Carry out this process through your ImmiAccount. You can do this even when you are out of Australia. Make the visa fee payment.

Step 5: If additional information, such as biometrics or other documents, or sought by the immigration department, it will be requested by them and you need to respond immediately.

Step 6: You will be told about your outcome. In case it has been rejected, they will state why and suggest that you can request a review of the decision.

Processing Time

Direct entry stream: The processing time of 75% of the applications is within 83 days, and around 90% would take less than six months to process.

Labour agreement stream: As this visa type has very few takers, its numbers are not available.

Temporary residence transition stream: The processing time of 75% of the applications is within 83 days, and about 90% would take less than ten months to process.

Since the immigration department would not keep you updated on your application, do go through your ImmiAccount to ensure they you have given them adequate information.

186 Visa Fees

The costs of the direct entry stream, labour agreement stream, & temporary residence transition streams, start from AUD 4,115. 

186 Visa to Australian Citizenship

186 visa is a permanent resident visa, which allows you to reside in Australia indefinitely, that could lead to Australia citizenship.

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