About PYP (Professional Year Program)?

A lot of international students in Australia stay unaware of the PYP, after completing their graduation from a university in Australia.

The PYP is a program designed in a way that lays its focus on the professional growth of aspiring students. Through the program, they get practical training relevant to their studies. It introduces them to a career path that fits them best. 

This program is authorized by DIBP (Department of Immigration and Border Protection). It’s also approved by several accrediting bodies.

The PYP was made to make sure that there’s a sufficient supply of skilled workers in sectors like

  • Accounting
  • Information Technology
  • Engineering

The DIBP could initiate the program with the cooperation and help of many Australian universities.

Who’s eligible to apply for the PYP?

An international student who did his/her graduation from an Australian university is eligible to apply for the PYP. It’s a 44-week program split into an internship that’s 12 weeks long and coursework that takes 32 weeks.

The PYP offers practical skills as well as provides exposure to Australia’s work culture for real.

The benefits of the PYP

Internship opportunities

PYP helps many international students, who find it challenging to get a reputed job that suits the field of study they chose in Australia. The PYP has introduces international students to various paths to rewarding jobs to work in Australia.

There are many Australian institutions that offer internship placements. You can utilize them after completing your course. Sometimes you can join an internship even during your course. Many candidates go on to grab a permanent position in the company they become interns in after they complete their professional year successfully in Australia.

These internships give an excellent experience. They add value to your resume. It could even improve your opportunities of getting hired by other organizations in Australia.

Familiarity with the work environment in Australia

In a PYP, specialists teach the tactics to imbibe the professional standards of conduct, with the major prospects in mind for your career growth.

Internships improve your skills, help you learn to communicate, and teach you ways to maintain professional conduct at the workplace. You will learn to balance your life while you keep up with what your work demands.

Expanding social & professional circles

If you choose a famed institute for a PYP in Australia, it will help you to broaden your professional and social networks. By partaking in the PYP, you get the opportunity to meet individuals of similar interests.

It will help you immensely to have like-minded people around you as it builds your knowledge base.

Get 5 Extra Points for Australia PR

If you successfully complete the PYP, you will receive an extra 5 points. These points will be of help in achieving a milestone required to apply for an Australian permanent residency.

This way, the PYP is an amazing option in case you have plans to settle as a permanent citizen in Australia.

PYP – Eligibility Criteria
  • You must complete a degree in Australia in accounting, engineering, and computer science, or a related field.
  • You must apply for or hold a Subclass 485 visa (Temporary Graduate visa) which lets you stay in Australia for 18 months post the completion of your degree.
  • You must prove your language proficiency in the English language.
  • You must have a valid skilled assessment from one of the assessing bodies that are relevant (ACS, ICAA, CPA, EEA, and IPA).

Note: Engineering graduates who have done their studies at a university that’s acknowledged outside Australia can also have the eligibility to lodge an application for PYP in engineering. Before flying to Australia, you must submit the application for a Subclass 476 (Skilled Recognised Graduate Visa).

International students can find the PYP very beneficial when they are looking to complete a degree from an Australian university. It gives them the necessary help to improve their opportunities to get an Australian permanent residency. At the same time, you will get the opportunity to grow professionally in the career path you have chosen. 

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