The Einstein Green Card is the most prestigious category of Green Card in the USA. It’s reserved for those who have skills and ability considered extraordinary in any of the fields listed below:

  • Arts
  • Business
  • Science
  • Education
  • Athletics

This Green Card category has been named “Einstein Visa” by the media. The visa came into the spotlight when Donald Trump was the President of the USA and Melania Trump met with allegations of having obtained this visa without the eligibility required. As the tabloid pointed out, Melania was a Slovenian citizen whose credentials had no categories that matched the fields necessary to qualify for the Einstein Visa.

Who qualifies for the Einstein visa USA?

The Einstein Visa is the fastest category of Green Card in the USA. It comparatively outpaces even the Green Cards based on the investment required to an amount of at least $1 million.

This Green Card category also needs no job offer or a job in the USA. The only requirement is to give proof that you will keep on working in the area of your expertise. This can be established by just one detailed statement that you will need to give.

Besides the requirements cited earlier, you will have to show that you have sustained national and international acclaim in the field of activity. To demonstrate this, you may take either of the following ways:

  • Have an award received once, recognized nationally or internationally (e.g., Oscar, Pulitzer, Olympic Medal)
  • In the absence of such an award, as an alternative, pass two tests: qualitative and quantitative
Quantitative level

Here, you must meet a minimum of 3 criteria of the 10 as given below:

  • Give evidence that you got lesser prizes recognized nationally or internationally, or awards for excellence
  • Give evidence that you are a member of associations in the field demanding the outstanding achievement of their members
  • Give evidence that you have published material about yourself in professional or major trade publications if not in other popular media
  • Give evidence that you have been tasked with the duty to judge others’ work, either on a panel or individually
  • Give evidence of your original scholarly, scientific, artistic, business-related, or athletic contributions majorly significant to your field
  • Give evidence that you have authored scholarly articles in professional or major trade publications if not in other popular media
  • Give evidence that artistic exhibitions or showcases have had your work been displayed
  • Give evidence that you have performed a critical or leading role in organizations considered distinguished
  • Give evidence that you command a significantly high remuneration as with a high salary when compared to others in the same field
  • Give evidence of your commercial successes in the performing arts
Qualitative level

If you have met 3 out of the 10 criteria above, the USCIS proceeds to analyze all the evidence presented. The USCIS has to be satisfied that you are apparently among the few who have ascended to the top position in your field. This, in other words, means that you approximately belong to one of the top 10% in your field at the national or international level.

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