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Opportunities In Subclass-188c

Why Australia Significant Investor Stream?

  • 133 visas were granted in 2020.
  • Best path to get an Australia PR.
  • Settle in Australia with your family.
  • Apply for Australian citizenship, if eligible.

Australia Significant Investor Stream (Subclass 188C Visa)

Australia Significant Investor stream, or the subclass 188C visa, is a provisional visa for people who are willing to make an investment of AUD 5 million in Australia. However, the investors will have to comply with the country’s workplace laws and meet certain requirements associated with the visa. The investors are also required to maintain a significant investment amount throughout the validity of the provisional visa.

With the subclass 188C visa, one gets the opportunity to live in Australia for up to five years. They are also eligible to bring their family members to the country. This visa allows travel you to travel to and from Australia multiple times. Investors can also apply for permanent residency after meeting specific eligibility criteria and applying to the Business Innovation and Investment (Permanent) visa (subclass 888) Significant Investor stream.

Benefits of Australia Significant Investor Stream

  • Stay in Australia for up to 5 years: The subclass 188C visa lets you stay in Australia for up to five years.
  • Carry out investment in Australia: After you get the visa, you can continue your business activities in Australia from the state in which you are nominated.
  • Bring your family members to Australia: The Significant Investor stream, allows you to bring your family members to the country.
  • Pathway to Australia PR: You can apply for a permanent residency, after meeting specific requirements.
  • The visa allows multiple entries to Australia: The visa is issued with multiple entries, meaning one can leave Australia and come back to the country multiple times.

Eligibility criteria of Australia Significant Investor Stream

  • 65 points in Australian points Grid.
  • Functional English language.
  • Meet the health and character requirement.
  • Owe no debt to the Australian government.
  • Must sign the values statement of Australia.

Requirements of Significant Investor Stream

  • Invitation to Apply: You must obtain your Invitation to Apply in order to apply for the visa. For this, you must submit an EOI (Expression of Interest) first and wait for Australia’s territory or a state government agency to accept your EOI, nominate you, and invite you.
  • Get nominated: You are required to be nominated by a territory or state government agency of Australia in order to apply for the visa.
  • Able to invest at least AUD5 million: You must invest a minimum of AUD5 million when invited to apply for the visa. Also, you must have a genuine intention for that investment till the validity of your provisional visa.
  • Should not involve in unacceptable activities: You or your partner must never have been involved in any kind of investment or business activities that are of unacceptable in Australia.

Steps to apply for Australia Significant Investor Stream

STEP 1: Check the eligibility requirements.

STEP 2: Prepare a checklist of all the requirements.

STEP 3: Register your Expression of Interest (EOI).

STEP 4: Get your Invitation to Apply.

STEP 5: Submit your application.

STEP 6: Get your visa.

Processing time of Significant Investor Stream (Subclass 188C Visa)

The processing time for subclass 188C varies between 12 to 24 months. However, the processing time always depends upon the following factors:

  • Incomplete application
  • Time taken for background verification
  • Discrepancies in the documents included
Processing fee of Significant Investor Stream

The processing fee of the subclass 188C visa for the principal applicant is AUD9,195.

However, there is an additional cost for each family member applying with you. An additional applicant over eighteen years of age will have to pay a processing fee of AUD4,595, while an additional applicant under the age of eighteen must pay a processing fee of AUD2,300.

The second instalment charges for the principal applicant are AUD9,795 and AUD4,890 for each additional family member accompanying.

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