Skilled Migration Program (190/491 visas)

The state of Victoria has opened its Skilled Migration Program (190/491 visas) for 2020-21 and has started accepting Registrations of Interest or ROIs.

The state can sponsor/ nominate candidates under the 190 (PR) and 491 visas under various quotas. The Victoria sponsorship and Victoria nomination is at present open for offshore applicants and those who are residents of Victoria and work in priority sectors. 

Highlights of the sponsorship and Victoria Registration of Interest program

Number of places available is 4000

  • 3,500 applications for Subclass 190
  • 500 applications for Subclass 491

Requirements for experience have been relaxed for the priority sectors.

International graduates from an Australian university must refer to the Victoria Skilled Occupations List or the Melbourne Skilled Occupation List

Those who had submitted their interest in the previous financial year bit were not selected are allowed to reapply.

The state will accept Registration of Interest between 7 July 2021 and 29 April 2022

Eligibility requirements
  • Applicants should have STEMM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths or Medical Science) skills and should be working in the target sector in Victoria
  • They should have completed a skills assessment
  • They should have an EOI already in the pool.
  • They should be currently living in Victoria and working in Victoria or working in Melbourne
  • Applicants must provide proof in their application that their job is contributing to Victoria’s economic recovery and the towards Covid-19 health response effort
  • In order to apply for Subclass491, the candidate must be living and working in Regional Victoria
The following are the target sectors:
  • Health
  • Medical Research
  • Life Sciences
  • Digital-Cyber security
  • Agri-Food
  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • New energy, emissions reduction, and circular economy
Application process

The first step is to file for Victoria ROI. This indicates your interest in the nomination and show your eligibility for the nomination. The state will have to accept your ROI for you to file a nomination application. Your application will then have to get a nomination approval and an invitation from Skillselect to apply for a visa under Subclass 190/491 based on the nomination received.

If you get an invitation, you must apply for a nomination within 14 days of receiving the invitation on the Victorian government website. In case your application for nomination is successful, you must apply for a visa with the department of home affairs. You must do this within 60 days of receiving the nomination.

You can submit only one active ROI at one point of time.

You cannot submit a separate 190 ROI or 491 ROI. If you wish to change the subclass, or make modifications on your ROI, you must withdraw your existing ROI and submit a new ROI.

What is the information to be included in the application?
  • SkillSelect Expression of Interest ID
  • The skilled visa for which you are seeking nomination in Victoria (subclass 190 or 491)
  • Your job title, including the ANZSCO code
  • ABN and contact information of your employer
  • Information on your employer’s business or service
  • A list of the primary responsibilities you do on a daily basis
  • The target industry in which you are applying your STEMM talents
  • The contribution you provide to your sector

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