Norway Dependant visa

If you are an immigrant in Norway and want your family members to join you, you can ask them to apply for a dependent visa to live with you in Norway throughout your stay. This is referred to as “family immigration.” In most cases, you will not be able to apply on behalf of your family members.

You can bring the following dependents with you to Norway:

Spouse or registered partner

Children below the age of 18

Dependent children above 18

Eligibility requirements

It is a necessity that the individual living in Norway can provide subsistence for the family members for them to be granted family immigration permits. The sponsor must also be able to provide suitable accommodation to family members.

Documents required

Your passport with copies of your passport’s used pages as well.

Application form which can be downloaded and submitted online from the Directorate of Immigration’s website

Two passport-size photos

Your birth certificate.

Proof of a family connection:

  • Documents pertaining to household registration
  • Certificate of Marriage

Bring the originals as well as copies of each document.

All documentation must be written in either English or Norwegian. If they aren’t, have them translated (by a certified translator) and attach them to the original document.

Include a detailed explanation if you are unable to submit a certain document.

When to apply

You can apply for a Family Visa at the same time that a member of your family applies for a Norway Visa for job, education, or other reasons. You will both receive the same decision and will be able to travel to Norway together. You can also apply after a member of your family has gone to Norway.

Application process

The following steps are required to apply for a Family Reunification Visa:

 Obtain the necessary paperwork for a Family Reunification Visa.

Create an account and complete out the online application on the Directorate of Immigration (UDI) website.

Make an appointment to hand in your documents at the Norwegian Embassy or Visa Application Center nearest to you.

The documents are sent to the UDI by the Embassy/VAC.

Wait for your application to be processed by the UDI.

If the results are positive, schedule an appointment with the police department in the region where you will be residing in Norway to register as a resident and obtain your residence card.

How Long Does a Family Reunification Visa in Norway Last?

Your visa will be issued in conjunction with that of a family member, and will be valid for one to three years. The period of the visa will be determined by the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration. This type of visa is renewable, and it can potentially lead to a Permanent Resident Permit.

With a family visa, do I have health insurance in Norway?

Yes, you are eligible to healthcare in Norway if you obtain a Family Visa (Residence Permit for Family Reunification). You will be allocated a fastlege (akin to a family doctor or general practitioner) with whom you must consult if you have any medical issues.

You just have to pay up to $260 per year for medical services (like a deductible). After receiving medical treatment up to this amount, you will receive an exemption card and will be eligible for free healthcare for the rest of the year.

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