Netherlands Dependent Visa

Family members from the EU and EEA countries will have no visa requirements to move to Netherlands because the country is part of the EU and EEA. However, a stay of more than three months will require registration with the police or municipality where they intend to live.

Those from non-EU and EEA countries will need a family visa to move to Netherlands.

Dependents include

Spouse or civil partner

Children below 21 years

Eligibility requirements

You can apply for Verification against EU law and get a certificate of lawful residency if you want to stay in the Netherlands for longer than three months (proof of legal residence).

Documents required
  • Copies of the passport or ID card of the family member.
  • Copies of each member of your family’s residence permit.
  • Proof of family member’s income.
  • Copies of marriage/partnership certificates are required for spouses/partners (if applicable) or a signed declaration that you are not married.
  • Birth certificate is required for children joining their parents.
  • A statement from your sponsor confirming your relationship.
Application process

If you simply need to apply for a residence permit, a sponsor (such as a Dutch family member) can do so while you’re still in your home country, or you can wait until you arrive in the Netherlands and schedule an appointment at your regional IND desk. You should submit your application as soon as possible because the IND aims to make a decision within 90 days of receiving it.

What is the duration of the Netherlands Family Visa?

You will have the same conditions as your relative if you receive a Netherlands family visa. The validity of the residence permit is included in this. With a family visa, you can only stay in the Netherlands for the duration of your family member’s stay.

A residence permit is valid for a period of up to five years.

Is it possible to work in the Netherlands while on a family visa?

The same conditions that apply to your family member apply to your work as well.

This means that if a member of your family needs a work visa, so do you. If they’re exempt and don’t need a work visa, you’re in the same boat.

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