Migrating to Switzerland: End To End Switzerland Migration Support

Switzerland is a popular place to immigrate to because of its great quality of life, job prospects, education, superior healthcare, and even its beautiful scenery.

However, depending on your country, the policies and criteria for immigration in Switzerland vary.

Migrating to Switzerland

There are no restrictions on EU/EEA country citizens to enter Switzerland. However, for non-EU/EEA citizens there are various visa categories. They should choose the appropriate visa category based on their purpose to come to the country. The types of visas are:

Short-term Swiss visas — these are visas that allow you to stay in Switzerland for up to 90 days for reasons such as tourism or business.

Non-Immigrant visas — they are longer-term temporary visas for purposes such as studying or working, with the holder intending to leave the country after a set amount of time.

Immigrant visas– These are long-term visas for people who desire to stay in Switzerland for a long time or permanently. 

Short stay visa

The holder of this visa is allowed to stay in Switzerland for up to 90 days in a six-month period. The 90-day period begins on the date of admission. Even if the visa is valid for a year, the person may not stay in the nation for more than 90 days at a time. The person can also travel to other Schengen countries with this visa.

Non-immigrant visa

You must apply for a temporary residence permit if you intend to stay in Switzerland for more than three months but do not intend to settle. The following are the two Swiss temporary residence permits:

  • L Permit — a biometric card that allows you to stay for a brief period of time. It is non-renewable and only lasts a year. This permit is usually tied to a specific job or study contract that lasts no more than a year.
  • B permit – the first temporary residency permission, which is issued in the form of a biometric card. It normally lasts between 1 and 5 years, with the option of renewal. They are frequently tied to a longer-term job or study contract and require the bearer to stay in the canton to which the application was submitted. The number of B licenses given by the Swiss government is limited each year.
Immigrant visas

If you intend to relocate to Switzerland or stay for an extended period of time, you must apply for a category D national visa in the same way as you would for a non-immigrant visa.

Switzerland does not usually provide permanent visas or permits to anyone who has not lived in the country for at least five to ten years.

If you are staying for a long period of time for employment, business, or a family reunion, you will most likely need to obtain a temporary “B” residence permit until you complete the settlement requirements.

The following are the general requirements for permanent settlement or full Swiss citizenship, which vary by canton:

  • Integration into Swiss culture
  • Capacity to speak and write the national language
  • Clean criminal record
  • Adequate funds to support yourself
Does Switzerland offer a retirement visa?

Non-EU/EFTA citizens can retire to Switzerland on a category D national visa if they meet the following criteria:

Can demonstrate that they have sufficient funds to sustain their retirement in Switzerland

Have a health-care insurance policy

Exhibit strong personal ties to Switzerland, such as having family members who live there

Owning real estate in the country, or visiting Switzerland frequently.

Successful applicants will be issued a “B” temporary residence permit, with the option to apply for a “C” permanent resident visa if they meet the requirements.

Each year, the SEM grants a limited number of permits, which are given at the discretion of the individual cantons. As a result, the strength of your application will determine whether or not you are granted a retirement visa in Switzerland.

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