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UK job search services

The UK offers several career opportunities in various fields and many of them are high-paying as well.

The UK government releases the Shortage Occupation List (SOL) which lists the jobs that are facing a skill shortage in the country. It basically lists the skilled roles where there is no local talent available and migrants are needed.

The occupations in the shortage occupation list are recommended by the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC).

This list is updated regularly by keeping track of the skill shortages in the workforce. UK employers are exempt from conducting a Resident Labor Market Test (RLMT) for migrant candidates who apply for these jobs.

UK Skilled Worker Visa

The UK Skilled Worker visa was introduced to bring in highly skilled overseas workers into the UK labor market and subsequently take up permanent residence in the UK.

With this visa, skilled workers from other countries can be selected based on the shortage occupation list and they will be eligible to get an offer letter without the labor market test and stay in the UK for up to 5 years.

Eligibility requirements for the visa

You must have a score of 70 points to qualify in the defined parameters like specific skills, qualifications, salaries and professions.

You need to have a Minimum Bachelor’s degree or equivalent with 2 years of skilled work experience from the eligible occupations list

You must have a job offer from a Home Office licensed sponsor

 The job offer must be at the required skill level – RQF 3 or above (A Level and equivalent)

 You must meet the English Language requirement at B1 level in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages

 You should also meet the general salary threshold of £25,600, or the specific salary requirement for the occupation or the ‘going rate’.

You must get a certificate of sponsorship for the job you have been selected for to get your Skilled worker visa. The Certificate of Sponsorship must be issued by the employer who has selected you.

What can you do for your job search in the UK?

Look for high-demand occupations: Some vocations, which are not necessarily in the SOL, will always be in great demand, such as temporary agricultural workers. Manufacturing and service industries, for example, are both experiencing labor shortages. Healthcare workers are likewise in high demand.

Use the services of a global recruitment firm: To find a job in the UK, you can contact recruiting agencies. Some of these firms may specialize in sourcing workers for UK firms, while others may concentrate on filling specific tasks with international workers. Your profile will be shared with employers who are seeking for people like you by the recruiter.

Look for fresh graduate positions: If you are a recent graduate, you can apply to any of the several UK companies that are hiring. Because most of these organizations begin their recruitment process early, you will need to do some legwork well before your final year. It will also allow you time to prepare for any additional criteria that these businesses may have.

Make use of online job search sites: You can find the job you want in the UK by searching internet employment databases. These positions are marked as having Tier 2 sponsorship in the job description. Employers seeking for candidates from outside the EU or EEA can also be found using advanced search options.

Y-Axis job search services

Y-Axis Job Search Services follows a meticulous approach to ensure that our clients have the highest chance of finding job in a foreign country as quickly as feasible. Our job search advisors have worked in a wide range of industries and can help you stand out to recruiters all across the world.

Over the years we have fine-tuned our job search services in order to increase your success rate. Our approach to helping you find a job abroad consists of:

  • Job Search Strategy Report: Our experts create a comprehensive report analyzing you and positioning your profile in your target country
  • Opportunity research: We identify industry trends and job sources to ensure we attract more job offers for you. We also help you improve and strengthen your profile on different platforms
  • Job Applications: We register your profile on various portals and job sites and apply to all relevant job postings on your behalf

How Y-Axis job search services can help you?

You can contact us directly with your CV or resume if you are looking for a job in Australia. We can provide advice and give you leads on available job openings based on your profile. As a reputable and verified career consultancy we will help you connect with op recruiters in your domain by directly contacting our job recruiters who hire for openings abroad.

We at Y-Axis are dedicated to assisting you in finding a job overseas. Our ecosystem of services ensures that you get the support you require at all times. To learn more, contact us.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of the Skilled Worker visa?
  • Visa holders can bring dependents on the visa
  • Spouse is allowed to work on the visa
  • No cap on the number of people who can move to the UK on the visa
  • Minimum salary requirement has been reduced to £25600 from threshold of £30000
  • Fast Track Visas will be provided for healthcare professionals like doctors and nurses
What are the documents required for the Skilled Worker visa?
  • Offer letter from a UK Employer who has a license to sponsor from the Home Office
  • Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS)
  • Passport with a validity of 12 months
  • Documents in support of your educational qualifications
  • Documents to prove English language proficiency
  • Proof of having the required maintenance funds which is 1,270 pounds