Working-age immigrants bring economic benefit to Australia

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The Productivity Commission of Australia released a report stating that the current method of accepting foreign migrants is right for Australia.

The current method of screening foreign immigrants in Australia involves prioritizing them on the basis of age, education, work experience etc. This has definitely helped the Australian economy.

Australia’s current focus is to bring in migrants with good education and skills. These characteristics help them integrate well in the workforce. Thus, these migrants help deliver better economic and labour market outcomes. Working-age foreign migrants come as a boost to Australia which has an ageing population.

The Intergenerational Report of Australia has also highlighted the benefits of attracting younger immigrants to the Australian economy. Working-age immigrants have a higher rate of participation in Australia’s workforce, as quoted by SBS News.

The Productivity Commission also added that any other method of accepting migrants, like on the basis of payment, would be detrimental. A payment-based system could reduce the demographic dividend from immigration. There is no merit in accepting immigrants through a market-based system.

The current immigration program of Australia helps bring in more working-age adults into the country. These migrants provide the necessary skills which employers in Australia are looking for. Also, working-age migrants tend to work longer which is even more beneficial for the economy.

Most of these migrants hold jobs and pay taxes. Since they are younger, they tend to use Medicare lesser. Medicare is Australia’s national health scheme.

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