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Posted on October 25 2021

Work overseas: The benefits you will get if you work in Poland

By  Editor
Updated May 25 2023

Poland is a country you must explore if you are interested to work overseas in Europe. If you are skilled, qualified, and ready to land a job in a progressive nation, choosing Poland will be a wise decision.

Let’s see what benefits you will receive if you work in Poland.

Working hours and paid time off

In Poland, workers work 40 hours per week and 8 hours per day. If overtime is taken, the total working hours are not allowed to go beyond 48 hours per week or 150 hours per year.

In Poland, workers are can take 20 days of annual leave if they have been employed for under 10 years.

Employees who have been employed for 10 years or more can take 26 days of annual leave.

Minimum wage

The minimum monthly wage in Poland in 2021 is 2,800 PLN.


Here are the tax rates in Poland:

Annual income Income tax
0 PLN - 85,528 PLN 17% of income minus the tax-reducing amount
over 85,528 PLN 14,539.76 PLN + 32% of the surplus over 85,528 PLN

Social security benefits

While you are working overseas in Poland, you have to make a contribution to the local social security system. There is insurance coverage provided for a disability, sickness, accident, and old age by Poland’s social security system. You will get the same benefits as Polish citizens will due to your contribution.

In Poland, healthcare is delivered to beneficiaries via a healthcare system that’s funded by the public. This is known as the Narodowy Fundusz Zdrowia. It’s free for all workers and their families.

Also, private healthcare is very popular in Poland. Most employers offer private health insurance to foreign workers as well as their families.

Sick leave and pay

While you work in Poland, you will be paid 80% of your average salary for the first 33 days of sick leave in a calendar year. This expense will be covered by your employer. The employee is then given a sickness allowance at the same rate of 80% for each day of absence if not 100% in certain situations. This payment will be made by the social security system.

Life insurance

A life insurance plan for a certain period is offered by your company. You have to check the time period it covers at the time of making your selection. There’s the possibility that it lasts longer than your tenure of work with the company. So, you may have to pay full contributions yourself after your tenure with your employer.

Maternity, paternity, and parental leave

In Poland, women get 20 weeks of maternity leave. This they can avail of 6 weeks before childbirth. No matter whatever is the length of service with the current employer, women can take maternity leave.

Paternity leave can be taken for up to 2 weeks.

Also, parents are eligible to get 32 weeks of parental leave. This can be availed by either of the parents.

Other benefits

  • Because of Poland’s geographic position, located in the center of Europe, you can easily travel to other European countries without spending much money or time.
  • Poland has a quite high standard of living. Foreigners get very reasonable income that allows them to lead a comfortable life.
  • You don’t have to learn Polish to interact with the locals, as English is widely spoken in Poland.
  • Poland has the presence of many big international companies. They employ people from all over the world. Hence, employee diversity is high.
  • There’s a great development in the IT industry in Poland and hence the job opportunities in this sector have also increased.
  • In Poland, companies provide good training opportunities to young professionals. This helps them progress steadily in their career path.
  • Poland has made social insurance, Pension (PPK), and occupational medicine mandatory benefits.
  • In Poland, every employer has to take part in a pension plan. This new rule was introduced in 2019. It’s known as the PPK (Employee Capital Plan). It was enacted by the Polish government to encourage local citizens to do more savings.

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