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Posted on October 22 2021

Work overseas: The benefits you will get if you work in Finland

By  Editor
Updated May 25 2023

If you are interested in working in Europe, it’s a good idea to choose Finland as your destination to work overseas. If you are wondering why let’s introduce you to the benefits you get if you work in Finland on a Finland work visa.

Working hours and paid time off

Finland has set the working hours of employees to 40 hours per week. Extra wages can be earned for overtime to which employees are entitled.

Employees are entitled to have 24 to 36 days of paid holiday annually. For this, employees have to work for at least a year in Finland with an employer. Employees are also allowed 12 public holidays per annum.

Minimum wage

Finland’s minimum annual wage rate in 2021 is $2,600 in international currency. International currency is a measure of currency that’s based on the value of the US Dollar in 2009. Finland is among the top 32% of all countries listed on the basis of the annual minimum rate of wages.

Tax rates

Finland follows progressive taxation. This means that commensurate with wages, the percentage of tax also rises. Taxes in Finland are used to fund a wide range of public services. These services are provided by the Finnish society as well as other major contributors.

Social security

In Finland, the social security system supports individuals and families financially in various life circumstances. It provides benefits that include unemployment benefits and healthcare. Families get several types of coverage. These include allowances for home care and child support, private care, and maternity.

In Finland employers also provide occupational healthcare. Employees are entitled to sick pay if they have worked for an organization for a period exceeding a month.

Healthcare benefits

Employers provide healthcare benefits. They include preventive healthcare. They also include medical specialist services, physiotherapy, psychiatric services, and vaccines.

Healthcare services in the public sector are funded with municipal taxes. Expense reimbursements are available while using private healthcare clinics. This is applicable to those covered by the social security system of Finland or those having a European Health Insurance Card.

Additional insurance can be availed from a variety of insurance companies. Insurance is  not very expensive. It also gives you the choice of visiting private clinics at rates that are affordable.

Accident insurance

An employer has to provide accident insurance compulsorily to a foreign employee working overseas in Finland. The insurance covers all injuries happening at work and on the drive to work.

Family leave

In Finland, working parents have many options to take time off to attend to small children. They have 263 weekdays of maternity and parental leave granted. KELA provides parents with a daily allowance. KELA is the Social Insurance Institution of Finland. The allowance is given according to the employee’s salary given as long as their family leave allowance is valid.

Temporary care leave

In case your child, aged under 10 years, gets sick, you are entitled to take not more than 4 days of temporary care leave.

Study leaves

Finnish companies grant study leave for up to 2 years to their workers. This is available if they have been at work for a year in the same company. For being eligible for study leave, the employee needn’t study something that’s connected to the organization they work in.

Trade unions

A high relevance is associated to trade unions when it comes to Finland’s work life. Trade unions oversee and control wages and working conditions. Labor unions also give legal assistance in case of unsolvable disputes between employees and their bosses. It’s strongly advised to join the union of your occupations or sector in Ireland.

Work culture

Finland features a fair and relaxed work culture. Employers offer flexible working hours as well as vacations. In an organization, there's a low degree of employee hierarchy.

Finnish companies appreciate independence and respect personal space. Finland’s workspaces also value equality, punctuality, and honesty. The workplace culture in Finland is encouraging of self-direction and autonomy. They also encourage cross-cultural collaboration.

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