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Posted on October 22 2021

Work overseas: The benefits you will get if you work in Estonia

By  Editor
Updated June 07 2023

Estonia is an interesting country to consider when it comes to following the dream to work overseas. It’s Europe’s most entrepreneurial country. It’s the country where you can find the best digital life ecosystem. The number of international talent that has moved to this country has doubled in the past 5 years.

So, why should you stay behind? Check out these benefits that you will get if you work overseas in Estonia and consider your future in this amazing country.

Areas Estonia tops in performance

  • Tax competitiveness
  • Internet Freedom
  • Entrepreneurial activity
  • Economic Freedom
  • Digital Economy and digital society
  • Ease of doing business

Working hours and paid time off

The general national standard for working hours in Estonia is 8 hours per day or 40 hours per week. Saturdays and Sundays are off-days in Estonia.

As for paid leaves, employees are entitled to 28 days of paid leave annually.

Minimum wage

The minimum monthly wage in Estonia is €584 for full-time jobs. In Estonia. income tax stands at a flat rate of 20%.

Social security benefits

In Estonia, employees on a temporary residency permit or right of residence are eligible to be insured when their employer makes payment of their social tax at a rate of 33% on all payments made to a foreign employee.

Employees are thus entitled to health insurance coverage in Estonia. They also have access to public healthcare.

Maternity and parental leave

A 20-week maternity leave I granted to employees in Estonia. Also, a mother can avail of 70 days out of the 140 days in this period of leave prior to the expected due date of the child. Besides this, after childbirth, a childbirth allowance of €320 is given.

In Estonia, parents can take consecutive/inconsecutive parental leave of 435 days. But both parents can't use this leave at simultaneously.

Other benefits

Estonia offers a clean environment. The country has a low crime rate. The cost of living in Estonia is lower than in other European countries; especially rental expenses.

In Estonia, you have access to free public transport and healthcare benefits. This will help you have more income at your disposal. Also, English is widely spoken in Estonia, which should make you feel very comfortable living and working overseas in this country.

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