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Posted on October 22 2021

Work overseas: The benefits you will get if you work in Australia

By  Editor
Updated May 25 2023

Here’s some well-served motivation to those foreigners who have completed their studies in Australia and are looking to begin their journey in building a career.

As you already know, Australia is one of the progressive economies in the world, regarded for its high standard of living and welcoming attitude towards immigrants. If you are ready to work in Australia, there are lots of benefits that you can get, which we are going to discuss here.

Benefits of working in Australia

Your qualifications are recognized

If you are a qualified and experienced foreigner skilled in your field of work, you get the due recognition you deserve from Australian employers. Businesses in Australia are accepting of an array of technical qualifications. If you have the qualifications that Australian employers require, your chances of getting to apply for the SkillSelect system are more.

Access to pension benefits

Foreign workers who work and stay in Australia are entitled to pension benefits. To get these incentives, you must meet the age and residency requirements. If you work in Australia, you can get the benefit from the retirement savings account known as the Superannuation fund.

Australian employers are required to practice compliance with the ‘Choice of Fund’ law. This law lets workers select their preferred pension plan or allows employers to enroll eligible employees automatically into a Group Superannuation scheme as part of compliance.

The statutory superannuation minimum is 10% for up to a maximum quarterly salary of $57,090. It increases by 0.5% each year and is slated to reach 12% by 2025.

Most employers base their strategy for contribution on industry norms and updated data.

Holidays and paid time off

Holiday Pay

Australian law says that every full-time, as well as part-time worker, is entitled to 20 paid vacation days a year. This does not include casual workers who are generally given hourly payment or are on flexible job contracts. And of course, workers get their off on national holidays.

Long Service Leave

As per law, 8.67 weeks of paid leave is given in addition to the annual leave. This is made payable after being in service for 10 years. This is fair and exclusive to Australia. This entitlement begins to accrue after 5 years. It’s listed as a “liability” on the balance sheet of several companies.

Maternity/Paternity Pay

Many businesses in Australia give paid maternity leave nowadays. But there's a paternity leave program that’s sponsored by the Australian government. It’s available for those who qualify and can be paid for by the employer.

Sick Pay

Most Australian employers give 5 to 10 days of annual sick pay benefits on a voluntary basis. This may be exclusive or inclusive of standard bereavement leave (up to 5 days generally).

Supplementary benefits

Group Insurance

It’s a practice among big, multi-national corporations active in different types of industries to provide their employees with personal insurance plans. These plans will provide Salary Continuance coverage and lump-sum Death and Disability insurance.

Health insurance

Large corporations are providing more subsidized or fully-paid plans after the Australian government has increased taxes as well as brought down rebates for those earning high incomes. This has been happening over the past 5 or more years.

Childcare facilities

More large-sized, professional firms are trying to provide childcare and/or daycare services.

Flexible working conditions

This means more time off, work from home, and different working hours for employees and their families.

A better quality of life

A higher quality of life is assured in Australia. In Australia, you can access a healthcare program and a social assistance network. Couple that with the fact that even in the major cities, the density of population is smaller by a great measure.

Australia’s multicultural atmosphere is nourished by the presence of people arriving in the country from different parts of the world. There’s also a pollution-free atmosphere. The country has a wonderful temperate climate and natural ecosystems that it boasts of.

Opportunities for study

Australia offers ample opportunities to improve your educational qualifications. The country has numerous career-building courses and has more than 1,200 educational institutions providing world-class education.

Social security benefits

Benefits provided by Centrelink (branch of Dept. of Human Services) under Australia’s Social Security Act include:

Pension for the aged: Individuals who are aged 65 years or older expecting to retire or are retired gets a pension.

Payment and career compensation: This is available for those who take care of disabled people.

Disability support pension: It’s available for those who aren’t able to work for 2 years owing to illness, accident, or disability.

Sickness Allowance: It’s for workers who suffer from sickness, disability, or accident and are don't have access to or are using any of their leaves available.

New start allowance: This is available for job-seekers.

Special benefit: It's for people enduring financial distress and who aren't able to maintain themselves.

Income support: This is the cash contribution, providing coverage of the cost of living which can include rent assistance, veteran contribution, and pension program.

Pharmaceutical allowance: It helps those receiving benefits from Centrelink in order to offset the cost of prescription medicines.

Minimum wage

In Australia, a full-time worker gets an average weekly wage of $1,305 as of August 2021. Australia’s national minimum wage is $20.33 per hour ($772.60 per week (38 hours).

The average annual wage in Australia is about $90,800.

Work hours and work flexibility

The number of work hours per week can go as low as 38 hours or more. Some employers also offer flexible working hours.

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