Work overseas in Poland – How to apply for Polish work permit

How to apply for Polish work permit

You can choose to land a job in Poland if you are interested in migrating to Europe to work overseas. There’s a high demand for skilled workers in the following fields in Poland:

  • Engineering – Engineers in chemical and food industry, Genetic Engineers, Biologists
  • Human Resources – HR Specialists, Recruiters, Staff Managers
  • IT – Software developers, Mobile app programmers
  • Sales – Sales professionals in the fields of medicine, food, electronic equipment, real estate, etc.
  • Finance – Accountants, Economists

Working in Poland

To work overseas in Poland, you as a third-country national will have to:

  • stay in Poland legally and possess a work permit, or
  • have a temporary residence along with a work permit or a temporary residence permit that enables you to work in a profession that needs high qualifications.

In the following cases, you won’t be allowed to work in Poland:

  • You hold a visa issued for tourism, humanitarian purposes, or owing to state interest or international responsibilities.
  • Your temporary stay permit is granted based on Article 181’s relevant sections.

You won’t need a Polish work permit if you:

  • are a family member of a citizen of an EU/EEA member country or Switzerland
  • have a residence permit for EU long-term resident Poland
  • are a spouse of a citizen of Poland and hold a temporary residence permit obtained from the marriage
  • have a valid Pole Card
  • have received international protection in Poland (E.g., refugee)
  • have a residence permit for humanitarian reasons
  • have a temporary residence permit issued to enable you to join your family in Poland
  • are a graduate from a Polish upper-secondary school or have completed full-time studies/full-time doctoral courses at colleges/universities in Poland
  • have a permit for permanent residence in the Republic of Poland
  • have a permit for a tolerated stay in the Republic of Poland
  • Have a permit for residence meant for you to get higher education

Types of Polish work visas

The following are the types of visas non-EU nationals need to get to work in Poland:

  • Type A Work Permit: It’s required for foreign individuals employed under a Polish employer.
  • Type C/E Work Permit: It’s available to those who have arrived via an intracompany transfer to work in Poland.
  • Schengen Visa C/D Business visa
  • Freelance/entrepreneur visa

Documents required for a Polish Work Visa

  • A completed application form
  • Current records of the employer’s economic activity
  • A deed for the company
  • Proof of payment of application fees
  • Copies of the applicant’s passport pages bearing relevant travel information
  • A copy of a statement regarding profits/losses the employer sustained
  • Confirmation of the employer’s legal status from the National Court Register
  • Evidence that the applicant has health insurance
  • A copy of a contract as per the service being provided in Poland

The application process for Polish Work Permit

  1. The employer has to conduct a labor market test to determine if there are any Polish citizens or other nationals from EU member nations qualified to take up the job. A work permit can be applied for on behalf of a foreigner, only if there are no such qualified individuals.
  2. The employer must include the following documents along with the application that proves that the following conditions are met:
    1. The remuneration isn’t above 30% lower than the average monthly wage, as per the Voivodeship Office.
    2. The employment conditions are favorable under all employment regulations applicable, including Labor Code provisions.
  3. Upon approval given to the work permit application by the Voivode, 3 copies of the permit will be made. The employer must give the work permit to the employee. The 3 copies of the permit are:
    1. 1 for the employer
    2. 1 for the Voivodeship Office
    3. 1 for the employee

The period of validity of the permit will be what the employer has applied for on your behalf. If you want to change jobs, the new employer will have to apply for a new work permit.

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