Work in Germany: How to apply for a Germany Work Visa

Work in Germany: How to apply for a Germany Work Visa

Moving to the most robust economy of Europe to build a career and settle there is a big decision to make. We are talking about Germany and going to delve into some details of how to proceed to work in Germany.

Germany is one of the best countries to migrate to for employment for reasons like the following:

  • Work ethic is a virtue that German workspaces hold dearly. The German way is “work before play”. Dedicated, hardworking, and talented workers get rewarded with good pay, perks, and excellent work-life balance.
  • When it comes to income, your earnings in Germany are going to be more than the European average.
  • The provision for social security is upheld and even while you spend a good chunk of earnings towards it as does your German employer, the security amount will add up to become a significant sum to acquire as pension. Other security options include health insurance, unemployment insurance, sick pay insurance, and disability insurance.
  • The best of all reasons to opt to work in Germany is that the country needs skilled and qualified expats as the number of people nearing retirement is quite high. Especially when it comes to economic revival post-COVID-19, Germany needs new foreign workers in huge numbers.

The major industries seeking skilled foreigners are as follows:

  • IT
  • Engineering
  • Telecommunications
  • Medicine and healthcare
  • MINT (Mathematics & Information Technology)

So, now let’s look into how to apply for a Germany work visa.

The German Employment Visa

The German Employment visa gives foreign workers like you the opportunity to work in your field of expertise while settled in Germany. The visa enables you to enter Germany and work there for not more than 2 years. You may extend the visa too. If willing, you may apply for an EU Blue card or other types of residence permits.

To work in Germany, you will require a long-stay visa in Germany. The visa will be necessary if:

  • You have a job offer in Germany
  • You are willing to work as a freelancer in Germany
  • You want to seek a job in Germany
  • You have a Working Holiday visa agreement with Germany


Any foreign national can apply for a German Employment Visa upon meeting the criteria for working in Germany.

You are eligible to apply for a German Employment Visa if you belong to any of these categories:

  • Researchers with special technical know-how
  • Intra-corporate transferees in the roles of managers and specialists
  • Scientific/Teaching personnel in prominent positions

Besides these categories, third-world nationals holding a university degree or a vocational qualification of a non-academic nature meeting the following conditions:

  • A shortage of skilled workers exists in Germany in the profession you are in
  • A concrete job offer has been offered to you
  • There’s an equivalent German degree for your educational qualification

How to apply for a German Employment Visa

Here are the steps to apply for a German Employment Visa:

  1. Obtain a job offer in Germany.
  2. Check if you require a visa for a long stay to work in Germany.
  3. Find out where must your visa application be submitted.
  4. Collect all of the documents needed as per the instructions.
  5. Make an appointment for a visa interview.
  6. Make the payment towards the German Employment Work visa fee.
  7. Attend the scheduled interview.
  8. Wait for a response on your visa application.

The processing time for Germany work visa is from 1 to 3 months from the date of lodging an application.

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