What are the easiest ways to get a Green Card in the US

What are the easiest way to get a Green Card in the US (1)


Only a few can possess a green card quickly, even though the American way of life attracts hundreds and thousands of immigrants who relocate to the nation permanently.

The American Green Card is goal-oriented. The global immigrants queue up in visa lines for years together to obtain the one that legally makes them residents of the United States of America, otherwise known as the Land of Liberty.

The USA captivates individuals for multiple reasons, such as accessibility to opportunities, diversity, infrastructural and educational superiority, and the largest consumer market globally.

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Only a few can possess a green card quickly, even though the American way of life attracts hundreds and thousands of immigrants who relocate to the nation permanently.

Currently, there are three pathways to acquiring a Green Card:

  • Diversity Visa Program – Immigration through a lottery
  • Employment-based categories – through a job or investment
  • Family-based categories – visas for family unification

Among the three mentioned above, the diversity green card lottery is the easiest way as it needs a fair amount of luck. In contrast, most Indians choose the Job or investment-based route for green cards.

The individuals who are blessed with special skills or completed their education in America benefit from getting jobs on the H1B/L1 visa programs. They are eligible to apply for permanent residency.

On the other hand, this route has long waitlists and its own set of challenges because of which it is imperative to balance out the advantages and disadvantages.

Nowadays, the most reliable, fast, and accessible way of getting a green card is through investment-based visas like the EB-5 Visa, which are increasingly in demand. The EB-5 Visa requires a heavy investment of USD 800,000 for its advantages.

In return for creating jobs and investing in America, the applicants get a permanent residency card for their families, spouses, and children. The applicants are allowed to directly invest in the economy of the U.S or through a government-approved regional center.

The regional center program has been an attractive pathway for Indians. It needs a specific personal involvement limit while channeling your funds into secure and safe projects that help you create and build the required employment.

The possibility of a denied or delayed immigration status occurs if a mistake is made, as the immigration petition process is complicated. For that reason, it is inherent to work alongside experienced partners who will be able to guide and assist you through USCIS forms and requirements. There has been a high-level focus globally on verifying the source of the funds to break down illegal activity.

Even if it can be formidable to collect the required documentation, it is also essential to consider multiple other ways to acquire the funds that can qualify.

Following the immigration pathway can be a decision that is life-altering for the individuals and their families. Once the decision is taken, it is crucial to ensure that the effort is successful.

Working with professionals with good experience can help you direct the procedure, lay, and explore various pathways for meeting requirements to document the legality of funds and eventually fulfil your goals.

You must remember that every pathway is associated with another goal. Hence, choosing the one that leads you to your destination safely, faster, and within the available resources will be relevant.

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