Visa entry tips for Australians visiting overseas nations


Australians visiting overseas have the privilege to avail E-visas from many nations and Brazil recently joined the list of these nations. E-visas can be obtained by submitting an online application. The facility to digitally process a visa is really commendable. But unfortunately, the E-visas have also opened the doors to a whole lot of scammers too.

The fake websites that offer to facilitate the process of E-visas are easily appealing. It is just the real look that they have which deceives many visa applicants. The application process is also exactly like the concerned E-visa website of the specific nation.

However, they just add a layer to the process of visa application rather than offering any services. They also charge a huge amount for these services, as quoted by the Traveller Au. Rather than hastening the visa process, they more often than not slow it down actually.

The nations that offer the E-visas are also aware of this issue of fake websites. In the case of the US, the number of such websites has actually decreased now. This is with the search ‘e-visa for US’ in Google.

Australians visiting overseas must never share their credit card information with any visa processing websites. They must do so only after thoroughly verifying the credentials. You must first locate the official website of the nation for which you need the E-visa. The High Commission or Embassy of the concerned nation will have the authentic website for E-visas.

In any instance wherein you are doubtful, make a call and enquire. This will cost you much less than you will end up paying the fake websites.

The Schengen visa remains an issue for the Australians visiting the Schengen area and planning to stay more than 90 days. They are officially entitled to only a stay of 3 months. There is one option for the Australian travelers in this case. In case their Schengen visa has expired they can hop between these nations prior to arriving in the Schengen zone 6 months after the first arrival.

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