USCIS and its plan to reopen offices on June 4, 2020

USCIS offices reopen

Do you feel the US immigration has been a tough nut to crack in the recent COVID-19 days? Well, the US has been working a lot on the pandemic prevention front, keeping travelers out in the process. There were exempted categories of people though. But generally, and for a lot of people, the country suddenly became out of access.

On March 18, the US Citizenship and Immigration Services had suspended in-person services temporarily. These services were delivered at its field offices, application support centers (ASCs), and asylum offices. The move was made to help slow down the spread of COVID-19.

If that made you concerned, you have some good news! The USCIS is preparing offices to reopen on or after June 4, 2020. The employees in these offices are currently managing mission-essential services that do not need face-to-face contact. These tasks are mainly carried out online while the offices remain closed.

Even though offices are temporarily not working, USCIS will go on with providing limited emergency in-person services. You can call the USCIS Contact Center to avail of help and assistance with emergency services.

There are many petitioners and applicants with scheduled appointments and naturalization ceremonies affected by the extended temporary closure. They will be sent notices by USCIS field offices. USCIS asylum offices will dispatch notices of interview cancellation. The asylum interviews will be automatically rescheduled.

Upon rescheduling, asylum applicants will get a new interview notice. That will show the new date, time, and location of the interview. When USCIS resumes operations again for in-person services, it will reschedule ASC appointments automatically. This is due to the temporary closure of the office.

Individuals will get a new appointment letter via mail. The ones who had Info Pass or any other appointments will need to reschedule via the USCIS Contact Center. This can be done after the field offices are reopened to the public. Ensure that the respective office has been reopened before you proceed to call the Contact Center.

Now, isn’t it great that the US is already considering opening immigration functions and get back to business as usual sooner? Surely, these measures will come with enough care and caution. For those who are waiting to get their nearest opportunity in the US, there is hope. So, keep yourself updated and get ready to start a new episode of success in the USA.

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