The US makes new amend in its student policy for online courses

US rules for new online course students

A new announcement from the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement has come. It says that newly enrolled international students will be barred from entering the US if their classes are conducted in the online-only format.

Students will be permitted to enter the US to enroll in a US school for the fall semester to do hybrid coursework.

These new rules won’t apply to international students who have already secured enrollment at US universities or colleges in the last semester. It will be so for those who are coming back, even in case their school is conducted fully online.

In early July 2020, US President Donald Trump had announced the withdrawal of the policy that would prevent any international student from staying in the country in case they were attending completely online courses. This was the result of a lawsuit filed by 17 attorneys.

Due to a backlash of the prohibitive policy of the government, the White House is said to have now tweaked their policyto have the rule apply only to new students, and not on old enrolled students.

At this juncture, in the background of the COVID-19 pandemic, US universities and colleges began to move all their courses online. This caused great concern for international students.

The latest announcement states that non-immigrant students in new or initial status after March 9, 2020, cannot enter the US and enroll as a non-immigrant student for the fall term to do a full course totally online.

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