US H1B visa rejections to be high in 2018

As the process of H1-B visa filing petitions for the season 2018-2019 began on 2 April, the screening process in 2018 is expected to be very strict, with many immigration lawyers in the US foreseeing a very high level of visa rejections.

It is said that USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services), a part of the US DHS (Department of Homeland Security), has laid out a set of new strict procedures and screening instructions to American consulates and embassies all over the world.

Most applicants for these visas are Indians, followed by Chinese. In fact, over four out five visas of the total 65,000 visas are issued to people from India and China.

Hansa Iyengar, senior analyst, advanced digital services, at Ovum Technology Research, a market-research firm, was quoted by the Financial Chronicle as saying that it is the end of the era of low-cost H1-B workers as there is a lot of negative view about jobs being displaced and the US feels it is time to stop low-cost workers from entering the country. On the other hand, some immigrant workers fill up skill shortages in the tech space, which is being forgotten in this din, she said.

It is said that, therefore, most campaigns against outsourcing are being powered by non-business outfits. Most American companies, on the other hand, are aware that their country needs tech workers desperately to fill openings for which there aren’t skilled enough US nationals.

Iyengar said that with employment rates being at historically high levels in the US, there would be a scarcity in many sectors and lateral recruiting will only increase incomes.

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