US Green Card no easy grab, public charge test returns

US reintroduces public charge test for Green Card

In a new development in the US immigration scene, the Trump administration has reintroduced the public charge wealth test. With this, the migrants will have to prove that they are not dependent on US public benefit funds to be eligible for Green Card.

This new ruling is also going to affect the possibility of migrants getting free COVID-19 tests, which is very crucial at this point in time. The rapid increase in COVID-19 cases could even be attributed to such a condition.

A federal judge had stopped the public charge wealth scheme in July 2020. This was after its introduction in 2019 by the Trump administration. The scheme was stopped on the grounds that it gives US immigration authorities to exercise more freedom on whom to issue the Green Card.

The public benefits that come under scrutiny include housing benefits and food stamps among others.

The updated guidance was posted on the USCIS website that said that it will apply the public charge test to all US Green Card applications filed after February 24, 2020. These pending applications and all future Green Card applications will have the public charge test applicable.

The public charge, meaning “public burden” economically, is a standard that has its roots back in the 1880s. The aim of the standard is to ensure that the US has legal immigrants who are going to stay for long in the country should be able to sustain and fend for themselves without government support.

With the new measure, the Green Card applicants will now have to submit a Declaration of Self-sufficiency form along with their application. The form is meant to enquire if the applicant is receiving any type of public benefit. This could include food stamps and Medicaid. This is besides enquiring about the applicant’s financial position, resources, assets, and household income.

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