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Posted on December 09 2022

US citizenship in FY 2022 taken by 1 million people; the third highest ever

By  Editor
Updated May 25 2023

Highlights: A million people took US citizenship via naturalization in 2022

  • The total number of adults who took up US citizenship through naturalization in FY 2022 was close to one million.
  • In 2022, the third-largest conversion to US citizens happened after 1996, and 2008.
  • The report revealing the number of people who became US citizens was for the period ending September 30, 2022, and presented by USCIS.
  • The US government has been working on making US citizenship more accessible and streamlined with campaigns for awareness.
  • The number of citizenship cases pending in the US dropped 20 percent and reached 666,473 in FY 2022, right from the ending of FY 2021.

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The opportunities in USA have attracted more immigrants to undertake US citizenship. In FY 2022, a record has been created in US citizenship through naturalization. This is the third largest number of new US citizens ever created in a fiscal year in the USA.

There's definitely a positive trend of increase in the number of new US citizens created year after year in recent times. It was only in the years 1996 (1,040,991 new adult citizens) and 2008 (1,046,539 new adult citizens) that the country saw the first two largest conversions happening.

The number of new US citizens created in 2022 will rise further to 1,023,000 immigrants in case we added the number of children who became citizens by inheriting it from their parents who are US citizens.

Who gets to be US citizens?

The largest number of naturalized citizens who gain US citizenship reach that point after living in the US as permanent residents. This period of residency could be 3 or 5 years. It depends on how they get legal residency.

To become a US citizen, you will have to prove that you can speak, write, and read English. You must also know US history and understand the system of government in the US.

The advantage of US citizenship

With US citizenship comes the power to vote in the country’s federal elections. Citizens can obtain a US passport, the third most powerful passport in the world as per Global Passport Index 2022. Holding a US passport, you can sponsor members of your family to migrate to the US via an expedited process.

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Who said what?

Ur Jaddou, the Director of USCIS, stated that USCIS has come up with campaigns for public awareness and information dissemination with the aim of making the process of naturalization in the US more accessible. It also aims at streamlining cases of citizenship for US service members. It was in March 2021, that the USCIS conducted a remote ceremony on video for military naturalization, for the first time.

"It is good for the nation for people to fully become part of this nation, join it in the fullest way that they can. That has been a priority since the beginning of this administration and we're going to continue the focus on ensuring that people who wish to become Americans, can be."
Ur Jaddou, the Director of USCIS

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