US-Canada border opening delayed by a month, again!

US-Canada border closure extended

It’s happening the 8th time in a row! Canada has again extended its US-Canada border closure until December 21, 2020. The news was confirmed by Justin Trudeau, the Canadian PM, and Bill Blair, Canada’s Public Safety Minister.

The travel restrictions at the border will be extended and US travelers won’t be permitted to come to Canada on a tourist visa, or for entertainment or shopping. Only travelers from the US arriving in Canada for a non-discretional, non-optional reason are exempt from the travel restrictions. Most of these travelers must go through the 14-day quarantine.

Exempted travelers
Canadian citizens Immediate family members Approved PR from the US Permanent Residents Work permit holders

Canada has relaxed its travel restrictions lately. As of October, extended family members of Canada PR and Canadian citizens are permitted across the border. But they will have to stay in Canada for at least 15 days.

Extended family members allowed across the border
Non-dependent children
Certain dating partners

International students going to a DLI with a COVID-19 readiness plan that’s government-approved are also exempt.

Another way you can come to Canada is if you are doing so for compassionate reasons. This includes funerals, meeting a dying person, or taking care of a loved one who’s sick. In this case, you can apply to be exempted from quarantine.

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PR – Permanent Resident

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