Understanding Skilled migration to Australia in 2021

Learn the how and what of skilled migration to Australia

You all know how reputed a destination Australia is when it comes to career-building and finding a higher quality of life. Millions take the first chance coming their way to get an Australia work permit and become an Australian PR.

Why not? Australia offers world-class healthcare facilities, lucrative job opportunities, and top-class education too! So, if you are considering immigration to Australia, consider doing so via the General Skilled Migration category.

There are 2 sub-classes of GSM:

  • Skilled Independent Visa (Subclass 189)
  • Skilled Nominated Visa (Subclass 190)

While Subclass 189 permits skilled migrants to live and work anywhere in Australia permanently, Subclass 190 nominates professionals from among those living in Australia for becoming PRs.

With either sub-class visas, you can:

  • Live in Australia as PRs
  • Live, study, and work anywhere in Australia
  • Enroll in Medicare
  • Sponsor relatives
  • Get a multiple-entry visa for up to 5 years
  • Become a citizen, if you are eligible

So, Australia Skilled Visa seems like a great opportunity! Let’s see what eligibility criteria you need to meet to apply for one in 2021.

  • You must be invited to apply for either of the visas. To get an invite, you must first submit an EOI on SkillSelect. This EOI has a 2-year validity. Hence, you can apply for an Australia PR a second time if the first time didn’t work.
  • You will have your skill assessment done on the basis of education, work experience, visa category, nominated occupation, and proficiency level in English. Only if you get the necessary score, you will be eligible to apply for Australian PR.
  • Belong to the right age group which could be:
    • 45 years or less when you received your ITA for Australia PR
    • Under 45 years while submitting EOI
  • Get 65 points or above under the Points-tested programs. The points are given as follows for different criteria:
    • Age – Those aged 25 to 32 years scores most
    • English skills – Band 8 or more in IELTS fetches you 20 points
    • Skilled job experience – Scores granted based on experience
    • Education – Your qualification must be relevant to your nominated job. You get the maximum score, 20 points, if you have a doctorate
    • Australian education – Australian education earns you 5 points
    • Regional study – 5 points extra if you have studied in a low-population area
    • Community language skills – 5 points extra for possessing skill levels of a translator/interpreter in an Australian community language
    • Partner’s/Spouse’s skill and qualifications – Partner’s meeting basic requirements under Skilled Migration fetches points based on the skills
    • Professional year – 5 points extra for undergoing a structured professional year in Australia
  • You must have a competent level of skill in the English language. You must provide proof for the same.
  • Your occupation must be one in the list of skilled occupations deemed eligible.
  • You must undergo health examinations including:
    • HIV test
    • General full-body check-up
    • Examination for other ailments
  • You must meet the character requirements prescribed to migrate to Australia.
  • You must have paid back any government money pending to be repaid by your family members or yourself and cleared your credits.
  • You must read and respect the Australian Values statement.
  • You mustn’t have a history of visa cancellation in the past during your stay in Australia.

Now that you know a lot about how to be eligible for Australian PR, you can prepare to make the leap to a better place for a better life.

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PR – Permanent Resident

GSM – General Skilled Migration

EOI – Expression of Interest

ITA – Invitation to Apply

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