Understanding the Australian immigration policy and how the UK can adopt it after exiting from the EU

Understanding the Australian immigration policy and how the UK can adopt it after exiting from the EU

A slogan that highlights the immigration policy of Australia is that the Australians decide who arrives at their nation as well as the circumstances in which they arrive.

Perhaps this is what the Prime Minister of the UK Theresa May and its Home secretary Amber Rudd will have in their mind while shaping the immigration policy of the UK after exit from the European Union.

Here is a brief synopsis of the immigration policy and its execution in Australia. The government of Australia sets an target for receiving immigrants every year and for 2017 it is around 200, 000. This total target is then divided into two three categories. The number of refugees is first settled upon.

All refugees who arrive in Australia are very well scrutinized so as to ensure that any individuals who might be a concern to the security authorities or crime convicts are even accidentally permitted to enter the nation.

A percentage of the overseas immigrants who have approved the visa to arrive in Australia are through the family scheme. The majority of them are the ones who will be marrying the Australian nationals.

A large majority of the immigrants who are authorized to arrive in Australia are in the skilled migrants’ category. The government of Australia evaluates the immigrants to determine their skills to ensure that the economy of the nation continues to flourish.

A point’s based system assesses the immigrants for their eligibility based on their qualifications, age, language, and experience. The more the immigrant applicant is qualified, higher are the points that he receives. It is mandatory that immigrants who arrive through the skilled migration scheme have knowledge of the English language, as quoted by the Express Co UK.

The skilled migration program is specifically important for Australia. Though it makes a huge investment in the education sector, Australia has a constant demand for skilled professionals in areas that have a scarcity of skilled workers. The skilled migration program is nondiscriminatory and immigrants are chosen irrespective of their religion, the nation of origin, race or gender.

Immigrants are chosen on the basis of their skills. Currently, Indians account for 22 percent of the total immigrants, Chinese for 16% and Britons for 10%. Australia’s liberal immigration program ensures that a very large percentage of its population is overseas immigrants.

Almost 24% of the Australians are those born outside the nation and around 43% of them are those whose one parent was not born in Australia. In spite of the large population of the immigrants, Australia is very stable as a nation both socially and politically.

Australia has comparatively low crime rate, a high level of social integration and Australia is ranked very high on the international index for happiness. These are broadly the features of the immigration policies of Australia that define the do’s.

However there are some don’ts also that are a part of the Australian immigration policy.

Australia does not permit entry of immigrants who attempt to override the immigration laws by taking the assistance of people who assist in illegally sneaking in immigrants to the nation.

Immigrants who intend to ignore the legal framework for immigration and sneak into Australia through boats will not succeed. These immigrants will either be turned back or in case if this is not possible they will be shifted to the Nauru or Papua New Guinea’s processing centers. The overseas individuals who are not refugees are sent back to their native nations.

Though this immigration policy of Australia is tough and controversial, it is needed to ensure that the integrity of its immigration policy is maintained and does not collapse. By refusing entry of immigrants through people smugglers, Australian government ensures that it is the legal framework that governs the immigration policy. It does not approve the idea of permitting people to arrive into the nation without knowledge of their background.

A regulated immigration policy ensures that the economy flourishes. Australia has a history of the glorious economic growth of 26 years. It is in a position to curb any social problems that might arise out of immigration.  A regulated immigration policy will also be welcomed by the citizens.

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