The UN releases its report on global migration in 2020

World migration down 30 percent due to pandemic UN

The UN has released a report on the state of world migration which is titled “International Migration 2020”. The report highlights the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on the number of people who migrated between places across the world.

The broad picture shows that the pandemic has reduced the volume of global migration by nearly 30%. Contrary to predictions, there are 2 million lesser people than predicted who did migration overseas between 2019 and 2020. The number of people living outside their country of origin in 2020 is around 281 million.

Two-thirds of all the registered migrants lived in 20 countries, the most in the US. In the US, 51 million international migrants were found having moved to the country including those who migrated to study and work in USA. Next on the list was Germany with 16 million immigrants. Saudi Arabia had 13 million, Russia had 12 million, and the UK had 9 million migrants living in them.

Among the countries that gave the greatest number of migrants, the top spot went to India. There were 18 million Indians living outside India in 2020. Following India on the list were Russia and Mexico (11 million), China (10 million), and Syria 8 million.

The largest number of international migrants lived in Europe in 2020. There were 87 million migrants living in Europe last year.

Europe recorded the largest volume of intra-regional migration with 70% of those born in Europe living in another country in Europe.

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