UK’s new Turin scheme will boost student exchange initiatives

UK's new student exchange scheme opens

The UK has launched a new scheme for student exchange which is named after the celebrated English mathematician Alan Turing. It replaces the earlier EU-specific student exchange program named Erasmus. The aim is to widen the network of students who travel abroad as they choose to study in UK.

There will be an assessment done with all the findings used to work on such schemes in the future. Now, schools, universities, and colleges from across the UK could apply for funding from the government. The UK government has a pot with £110 million that will be used to make it possible for students to study and work in places across the globe. This is what the Turing scheme is all about.

With the Turing scheme, a global program is active where any country of the world can partner with schools, colleges, and universities of the UK and work on student exchange. The scheme will also help students of all income groups from anywhere in the country to get amazing opportunities in education in any nation of their choice.

From September 2021, the Turing scheme will fund 35,000 global exchanges which will include school exchanges, university study, and work placements in industries.

The DfE specifically aims at factors like improved social mobility and work on enabling disadvantaged students from poor backgrounds to get the opportunity of a good education. The plan also targets students from areas that earlier didn’t have a lot of students getting the benefit of Erasmus.

Under the Turin scheme, university students from disadvantaged backgrounds could get monthly payments of up to £490. This could help students meet their living costs and travel expenses. Funding to offset the cost of visas, passports, and insurance will also prove helpful for the students.

The Turing project has support from Michelle Donelan, the UK Universities Minister. Michelle will visit Edinburgh University and Cardiff University in order to discuss the bidding process. The discussion will also be on the matter of demonstrating the widening access to more disadvantaged students as part of the process of application.

The move made with the Turin scheme is part of an updated International Education Strategy. This is led by DfE and the DIT. The focus is on increasing opportunities for global growth in the education sector after the COVID-19 pandemic is over.

The UK offers an education that’s well-known for being consistently ranked world-class through the decades. The UK also offers a strong presence in international markets with sizeable educational exports.

The new strategy of the UK government is to raise the amount generated from the export of education. This amount will come from fees and income from overseas students as well as training for the English language given abroad. The UK government also aims at sustainably recruiting a minimum of 600,000 international students to the UK by 2030.

The wider strategic goals include streamlining application processes and improving job prospects for international students who go to study overseas.

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DfE – Department for Education

DIT – Department for International Trade

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