UK’s heads up campaign to its employers on hiring in 2021

UK starts a new campaign for its business sector

A campaign has been kicked off by the Home Office aiming at the UK’s business sector. It intends to make them aware of the changes in the way workers will be hired from the EU from the beginning of 2021. This is significant in the light of the new points-based system that the country will introduce in UK immigration.

Along with the recruitment process of applicants willing to work in the UK, changes will be applicable to UK employers too. After 2020, these employers will have to become licensed sponsors in order to hire people from outside the country, including the EU.

A fairer and firmer points-based system will ensure that foreign workers will be allowed in the UK based on their skills rather than the location they come from. Under the new system, the UK will be able to decide when and whether to prioritize and invest in the people already residing in the country. While finding the brightest workers from beyond the UK, the country will also work even more on upskilling the current workforce.

The campaign that delivers these messages and informs the changing ways of immigration, will run on various media platforms throughout autumn.

Another campaign that FCDO says was created to help UK citizens to be well-aware of the latest changes in immigration rules for entering other European countries from 2021 is also running since September 2020.

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FCDO – Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office

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