The UK opens the new Frontier Worker Permit scheme

UK Frontier Worker Permit Scheme

The UK has opened a new Frontier Worker Permit Scheme for those who have established a regular work pattern as a frontier worker before the Brexit transition completes. This is a new immigration route that opened on December 10, 2020, reserved for EU, EEA, and Swiss nationals. It provides them an alternative to the EU Settlement Scheme.

The UK opens the new Frontier Worker Permit scheme

Under the new scheme, from July 2021, every frontier worker must hold a UK work permit visa to get entry into the UK. The eligibility to work in UK under this scheme requires the candidate to be:

  • An EU, EEA, or Swiss national
  • Not primarily a resident in the UK
  • Working or self-employed in the UK if not having a retained status

The new scheme has been announced in the UK to meet certain obligations related to Brexit.

The Frontier Worker Permit scheme is apparently targeting international travelers, especially from Zurich, Paris, or Dublin, traveling to the UK for the purpose of business.

The Frontier Worker Permit scheme route offers more flexibility than UK visit visa rules on sources of payment and activities allowed during the time spent in the UK.

For current workers, the Frontier Worker Permit is granted for 5 years. For those with a retained status, the Permit is granted for 2 years. The Permit’s renewal process is straightforward. It doesn’t offer a route to indefinite leave to remain in the UK.

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