Trump extends the period of restrictions on US work visas

Trump extends temp US work visa restriction

There are looming speculations on what will happen to Trump’s decisions regarding US work permit visa issuance to foreigners when the presidency will get transferred to Joe Biden in under 2 weeks.

Trump had in April 2020 enacted restrictions on immigration that prevented the arrival of migrants trying to enter the US legally. The restrictions were extended in June 2020 to cover temporary work visas.

On December 31, another major decision came from Trump that increased the period of the restrictions currently in place on US work visas and immigration. The extension of the restrictions was done for another 90 days. The extended restriction will now prolong the waiting period of applications of those outside the US waiting for a green-card based US immigration visa, submitted by employers or spouses. The diversity visa lottery is already been halted. So have the temporary US work visas including H-1B and H-2B visas.

The political agenda behind the bans and restrictions put in place by Trump is visible to all. But as the newly-elected President Joe Biden is against these measures, it is hoped that these rulings will be reversed soon after he takes over as the President of the USA.

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