These top 5 jobs got the most number of Australian PR

These top 5 jobs got the most number of Australian PR

In 2017-18, Professionals, Managers, and Technicians emerged as the top occupation group to be granted skilled visas. 64.8% of the total PR visas in 2017-18 were awarded to this occupation group.

The total number of PR Visas awarded in 2017-18 was 162,417. In 2016-17, the number was higher at 183,608 Permanent Residency Visas being granted.

“Accountants” got the most number of PR visas in 2017. They were followed by Software Engineers and Registered Nurses.

The top 5 occupations which got the most number of Australian PR visas are:

  1. Accountants: This occupation received 3505 PR visas
  2. Software Engineers: 3112 PR visas were issued under this job
  3. Registered Nurses: This occupation received 1561 PR visas
  4. Developer Programmer: 1487 PR visas were issued to applicants nominating this occupation
  5. Cook: 1257 PR visas were issued under this job

Under the Skilled Visa Scheme, 35,528 Visa places were granted to the Employer Sponsored Stream. Out of these, 29,307 visas were issued under the Employer Nominated Scheme and the rest under the Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme.

Out of the total PR visas granted, 20.5% PR visas went to India, as per SBS. Out of a total of 162,417 PR visas, 33,310 places were awarded to India.

With increasing supply and less demand, only those applicants who have high points manage to receive an invite for the Australian PR. Getting a PR is getting increasingly competitive. Only those with high scores in English and good work experience are being invited to apply for the Permanent Residency Visas.

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