Top 5 benefits of Australia PR Visa

Top 5 benefits of Australia PR Visa

Australia PR Visa is amongst the most sought after Permanent Residency visas in the world. It offers right to study, work, and live in Australia without any limitation. Below are the top 5 benefits of Australia PR Visa:

Permanent Visa:

The Australia PR visa is a permanent visa. It offers you the right to reside in Australia for an indefinite period. You can enjoy privileges of unrestricted travel from and to Australia once you obtain the PR visa. Nevertheless, the PR visa is initially offered for a 5 years period. It must be again applied for from either within or outside Australia, as quoted by the Bloomberg.

Freedom of Study:

The Australia PR visa offers unrestricted freedom to enroll in the preferred course of study. It also offers diverse options for choosing the education at the university level. Some of the loans for education are offered only to PR holders. These loans will be really helpful to manage any fiscal crisis that can occur owing to the extra expenditures related to the studies.

Freedom of Work:

It becomes easier to work in Australia with the PR visa. Australia PR holders can work in any occupation and with any employer. The industrial laws in Australia make no difference between PR holders and the citizens. Legally, the Permanent Residents enjoy equal benefits on par with the citizens. They can claim worker’s compensation and become part of trade unions in Australia.

Social Security Benefits:

Permanent Residents must reside in Australia with the PR visa for 2 years in order to become eligible for social security benefits. These include student, unemployment, and sickness benefits offered by the Department of Social Security in Australia.


Health care entitlement is amongst the crucial privileges enjoyed by the PR holders in Australia. The government-run Medicare health insurance scheme privilege will be available to Permanent Residents. Through this, you can obtain free of cost treatment at government hospitals and funded medicine as well.

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