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Posted on March 29 2022

Top 10 Highest Paid Professions 2022 – Australia

By  Editor
Updated October 26 2023
  Australia always welcomes migrant workers with open arms and offers them attractive openings to have successful careers. Every year, many aspiring migrants apply for work visas in Australia. One of the most convenient approaches to look for jobs and obtain an Australian work visa is to apply through the Skilled Migration program of Australia. The Australian government, every year, establishes migration planning levels and earmarks a fixed number of seats under each migration program. Most sought-after professions are itemized in the Skilled Occupation List (SOL) of Australia given below, Updated frequently by the Australian government's Department of Home Affairs (DoHA), more than 200 occupations will be on the list every year. Check if your skills are still in demand in Australia. If they are, also find out how you could get to work in Australia. *If you want to migrate to Australia, check your eligibility score to it through Y-Axis Australia Immigration Points Calculator   .

The list of top 10 highest-earning occupations in Australia

1-Anesthetist Anesthetists earn high because of the complexity and the risks involved. They, too, are healthcare professionals who work along with surgeons. They earn on the average pay of more than 380,000 AUD. Besides completing residency at accredited hospitals, they need to have five years of training. Just like other doctors, they need to be graduates with a medical degree. 2-Cardiologist Since it specializes in diagnosing and treating conditions relating to the heart, it is also a coveted and high-paying profession. Cardiologists also carry enormous responsibilities on their shoulders. Their annual pay, on average, is more than 350,000 AUD. They need to have a bachelor's degree in medicine. They need to undergo training at the Royal Australasian College of General Practitioners. They have to study additionally for six more years while they practice as a doctor. 3-General manager It is the job of general managers to monitor all operations of company operations, including budget allotment, preparing policies, supervising staff, interacting with vendors, and more. They earn more than 340,000 AUD a year on average. To become a general manager, you should have completed a master's degree in business administration or any related discipline. Other than acquiring a master's of business administration (MBA), you must have had significant experience of handling operations, processes, and people in an organization. 4-Company secretary Company secretaries need to have a degree in law, accountancy, or business. Their job profile includes providing legal and administrative support to a company to ensure that it is operating seamlessly. The average annual pay of a company secretary is more than 340,000 AUD. 5- Lawyer A universal profession, not in criminal or civic litigations, lawyers (legal practitioners) also assist companies in making sure that they are complying with the rules of the land. Their annual pay package, on average, is more than 230,000 AUD. 6- Bank manager Managing a bank is a crucial and daunting task. Bank managers are responsible for transactions worth more than hundreds of millions of dollars in investments and deposits. Their annual salary, on average, is over 220,000 AUD per year. 7-Marketing managers Marketing directors are in charge of increasing the returns on investments (ROIs) of the organizations that employ them. They, through their policies, must ensure that additional business is being generated for their employers. Their annual salary, on average, is over 130,000 AUD per year. 8-Orthodontists Orthodontists diagnose, prevent, and treat teeth and jaws that are not positioned well. They earn on average 137,000 AUD in Australia per year. 9-College professors They are either in the teaching or research faculties in a major college or a university. They should have ideally completed doctorate degrees in the professions they are employed in. Their annual average salary is more than 165,000 AUD in the 'Land Down Under.'   10. Aircraft pilots Although a degree requirement may be waived for aircraft pilots, they should have undertaken arduous training programs in flying. Their average annual pay package in Australia is more than 135,000 AUD. If you want to work in or migrate to Australia, reach out to Y-Axis, the world's most trusted overseas career consultant. Y-Axis also assists in counselling, guidance, and support and advises you on your career path. Need assistance to apply for a PR visa in Australia?  


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