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Posted on April 12 2022

Top 10 benefits of Canadian Citizenship

By Editor
Updated June 07 2023
Canada is one of the most naturally beautiful places on earth. It is the second-largest country globally for its vast number of natural wonders for its sheer beauty. For the past few months post-pandemic, there has been a massive increase in Canadian citizenship applications. *Check your Eligibility to Canada through Y-Axis Canada Immigration point’s calculator. The Canadian Government also encourages and invites applicants for Canadian Citizenship from the global population. If you dream of being a Canadian citizen, then this is the place where you can be confident to apply for it. 10 Benefits of Canadian Citizenship:
  1. Right to vote – Canada is governed by a parliamentary democracy. Every Canadian citizen over the age of 18 has the right to vote to elect our Prime Minister during the federal election. The residents can vote in provincial and local elections on a regular basis. This is one significant benefit and obligation of being a Canadian citizen.
  2. Right to live and Work in Canada – Canada is ranked as one of the second-best countries to live and work in Canada. In Contrast to Canadian permanent residents, Canadian citizens have no restrictions to reside. The only limitation that exists for Canadian citizens is that the Canadians who live abroad for more than five years will lose their right to vote in federal elections. Approximately 86 % of permanent residents in Canada will become citizens in 2022, which is the highest percentage among western countries.    
  3. Renewal is not needed – Many PR cards are valid only for five years. Permanent residents need to be physically present in Canada at least 1095 days out of the past five years before they opt for it. Once you are a Canadian Citizen, there is no need to renew your citizenship status. Canadian Citizenship certificates are valid forever.
  4. Permits to bring your family along – If you are a Canadian citizen, your family members can also live, study and work in Canada if they are permanent residents. You are allowed to sponsor specific residents only if you are above 18 years of age.
  5. Free Education – Canadian Education has three levels of Education; primary, secondary, and higher. The Canadian Government ensures free Education up to Grade 12.
  6. High Chances of Job opportunities – Canadian citizens can apply for many jobs that are not available to PR residents. Jobs that have security clearances can be easily provided to Canadian citizens.
  1. Healthcare – The Government of Canada and other authorities offer universal healthcare to Canadian citizens. Every permanent resident of Canada can avail of medical care for free and also covers all prescribed drugs that are paid through taxes. There is also an option to apply for public health insurance if you want to avail more services.
  2. Canadian citizen’s social benefits – The Canadian citizens can get Canadian Government jobs, other high-paying jobs, and also tax refunds along with quality life in Canada. Their social benefits also include retirement benefits, disability benefits, and survivor benefits for deceased PR workers.
  3. Safety, Security, and Travel Globally – Canada is called a peaceful country across the Globe. Canadians are highly protected by the Canadian Government and authorities. If you are a Canadian citizen and have kids, whether they are born in Canada or not, they automatically become Canadian citizens without going through any application procedures for Canadian Citizenship. If you are a permanent resident in Canada, your kid will become a Canadian citizen only when he/she is born in Canada. If your kid is born in another country, you need to sponsor him/her. As the Canadian passport is considered globally all over the world, one can visit many countries without even requiring a VISA. This Canadian passport also makes it easier to re-enter the nation unconditionally.
  4. Invest in Business – Canadian citizens can invest in a franchise or start a new business smoothly by going through the province rules. The Canadian Government also supports dual Citizenship if you hold two passports. Becoming a Canadian citizen from permanent resident benefits the country at large. It also improves immigrants’ economic opportunities.
Willing to migrate to Canada. Talk to Y-Axis, the leading overseas immigration consultant in Australia Found this article more interesting, you may also read.. Canada eases TFWP rules to fulfil labor shortages


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