Today’s guide: How to get a German Job Seeker visa in 2021

How can I get job seeker visa in Germany in 2021

Germany attracts lots of skilled foreign professionals, who go for the Germany Job Seeker visa so that they can get to work in Germany sooner and settle in this country.

The growth prospect in Germany is very high. The IAB has estimates based on a study that by 2060, Germany will have a minimum annual requirement of 260,000 new immigrants. Out of these 146,000 immigrants will be from third countries outside the EU.

Skilled immigrants are necessary for Germany as the local population hasn’t got the sufficient number of skilled labor needed to do the jobs. If you are a skilled worker with the required qualifications and work experience, your chances of landing a job in Germany are high. The Germany Job Seeker visa lets you visit Germany and look for a job.

With a German Job Seeker visa, you can enter Germany and apply for a job for up to 6 months. Once you get a job by the end of this term, you will have to get a Germany work visa. With such a visa you can continue to live and work in Germany.

Who is eligible for the visa?

You are eligible for a German Job Seeker visa if:

  • You hold a Bachelor’s degree / Master’s degree from a German university if not an equivalent degree earned overseas
  • You have at least a year’s experience in your field of study
  • You have sufficient proof of funds to cover your stay while you are staying in Germany looking for a job
  • You have medical or travel insurance that covers your stay in Germany or a minimum insurance cover until you get your papers ready if you get a job

Changes to eligibility for the German Job Seeker visa after the immigration laws passed in March 2020

  • You can apply even without a Bachelor’s degree
  • You must possess a proper vocational qualification in your field of work
  • You must be able to speak German at an intermediate level

Steps for applying for the German Job Seeker visa

  • Collect all the necessary documents to submit with the application.
  • Get a date for a meeting from a German embassy. Make a booking for the meeting a month prior.
  • Submit the application online along with the required documents.
  • Attend the visa interview at the consulate or embassy at the time designated for you.
  • Pay the fees for the visa.
  • Wait for the visa application to get processed.

The visa application will be scrutinized by the house office in Germany or a visa officer. The general processing time of the visa application is 1 to 2 months.

The documents required to be submitted along with the visa application

  • A valid passport issued within the 10 years from the date of applying and which has a validity of at least a year from the date of your scheduled return
  • 3 passport-sized pictures along with the biometric specifications
  • Copy of your passport’s info page
  • A CV that lists out your complete educational qualifications and work history
  • A covering letter that’s written by you that explains the exact purpose for arriving in Germany, the course of action planned to look for employment during your stay in Germany, the duration of stay, and further plans for your career
  • Proof of work experience and educational qualification as well as your non-German degrees that have gone through anabin’s assessment
  • Proof of accommodation: In case you have accommodation arranged in Germany, you must give a Verpflichtungserklärung, I.e., a proper obligation letter.
  • Proof of insurance
  • Proof of having sufficient money to cover your stay in Germany, for which you will need to produce a document such as your checking account statement or Verpflichtungserklärung
  • Proof of your personal status in your home country which could be your ration card, citizenship card, certificate of applicant/wife/ children (where applicable), or marriage certificate
  • Demand Draft or cash to cover the prices to be paid to verify your documents if that hasn’t been done previously

This basic guide can help you to start planning what to do to obtain a German Job Seeker visa.

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