Things you will love about Australia

Things you will love about Australia

Do you aspire to migrate to Australia? Is vacationing in Australia on your bucket list?

Read on to know some of the things that you will love about Australia:

  1. Best beaches: Whether you want to surf, snorkel, swim, or just make sand castles, you will find it all in Australia’s beaches. While some might want to enjoy on a pure stretch of sand, others might want to fish off the rocks on a desolate coach.
  2. Adorable mammals: Cute, cuddly, or fearsome, mammals in Australia are exotic and dearly loved.
  3. Beautiful birds: There are plenty of birds in Australia, some noisy, others colorful and unique. People in other countries see parrots in cages whereas in Australia you will see them flying free.
  4. The bush: Several photographers are of the opinion that the things they love about the bush are its people. Others appreciate the serenity and the scenery.
  5. A mix of cultures: Australians love their cultural diversity. You will find people of various backgrounds and ethnicity in Australia.
  6. The Outback: The Outback in Australia is hot, red, dry and yet brimming with life. According to ABC News, many photographers believed that traveling and living in the heart of Australia have shaped who they are at present.
  7. Major cities: Australia has many major cities like Sydney, Melbourne, Perth Whether it is relaxing in Adelaide, road-tripping to Perth, or just eating mangoes in Darwin, Australians are in love with their cities.
  8. Creepy crawlies: Australia has a large number of reptiles and insects. Contrary to other parts of the world, Australians love their creepy crawlies.
  9. Sporting culture: Australia is one country that loves its sports. You will find a number of Australians playing cricket on the beach and in their backyards.
  10. Unique flora and fauna: Australia is home to some of the most exotic flora and fauna in the world and every Aussie seems to be in love with them.

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