Things most people do not know about Australian partner visas

Things most people do not know about Australian partner visas

Before applying for a partner visa of Australia, one must understand that it involves many intricacies. People should, therefore, take informed decisions by being aware of these nitty-gritties.

An individual can apply from outside of Oz for an offshore partner visa application (subclass 309) if she/he is intending to get married. If these people are married by the time their application is processed, and they are considered eligible for it, they will obtain a visa. While applying for onshore subclass 820 visas, people, should, however, have been married.

Also, eligible for partner visas are people who have been legally married, though they may not have lived together for the last one year.

But if a relationship is registered, the people in question need to provide proof of their relationship. For that, they need to show evidence of having lived together.

Certain states and territories need one of the parties or both to have a residency requirement before they can get their relationship registered.

It may take up a minimum of six weeks for states/territories to process applications for relationship registration and provide a registration certificate. Proof of registration can be provided any time before a decision is arrived at.

Though a physical relationship is the most important aspect, also important is financial interdependence. To provide evidence of this, they should show joint bank account details and both partners need to have used it actively. Other proofs may include joint insurance policies.

In addition, partner visa applicants would be asked to provide on Department of Immigration form 888 two statutory declarations. Providers of this must be Australian citizens/permanent residents/eligible New Zealand citizens. These 888 forms must be seen by a Justice of the Peace or other qualified authority.

Filing for an application online is considered more convenient than a manual application. The reason being that paper applications will need applicants to provide all their documents as certified copies, while scanned documents in color can be submitted for online applications. But online applicants need to upload all documents immediately after filing, failing which applications could be refused.

Since processing time for partner visas takes a minimum of 18 months, it is better to have a ‘decision ready’ application in place.

Included in a decision ready application would be documented supporting the relationship such as physical relationship, financial interdependence as well as social interdependence, health checks and all essential police clearances.

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