Temporary visa changes by Australia caused by COVID-19

coviD-19 Aus temporary visa changes

Many new measures have been announced by the Australian government for different classes of temporary visa holders. These include visitors, skilled visa holders, and international students.

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted life in Australia too. Amongst those affected are many international students. They have barely had any choice than to return to their countries of origin.

There has been a growing call to the government for support for overseas students. The Acting Immigration Minister Alan Tudge has responded to it. He has asked the students to depend on their superannuation contribution. This is in case they have been in Australia for more than a year.

Mr. Tudge has assured that the government will undertake further engagement with the international education sector. This sector is already providing financial support for international students in distress.

The Australian government is making changes to temporary visa arrangements. This is aimed at better managing health risks. It will also support critical industries. It will accelerate the recovery process when the pandemic crisis eases.

To the others, the government has requested to fend for themselves. People are encouraged to get support from their families. They are even suggested to depend on their savings and part-time work earnings.

The authorities are also asking students to use the resources they declared they had to sustain themselves. This declaration was made by them at the beginning of their studies.

But there is a big concern about many other students. They neither have superannuation to use nor enough accumulated funds to access. Given the adverse economic conditions, there’s less chance that even students with superannuation can find enough to hold on for long.

The disruption of studies the students asked to return will face is another issue. Such a stance by the government will affect the reputation of Australia’s educational sector.

There is a major relief for skilled visa holders though. The Australian government announced that those who may be stood down but continue to be employed will keep their visa validity. The businesses will have the chance to extend their visa in the normal course. These visa holders will also be permitted to access up to $10,000 from their superannuation in the current financial year.

This means that temporary skilled visa holders won’t be in breach of their visa conditions if they lose job hours because of COVID-19 restrictions. Hence, employers can even reduce the work hours of the visa holder. It will not breach their visa conditions too.

The others who have been laid off due to the COVID-19 outbreak will have to leave the country. This exit will be in accordance with existing visa conditions that clarify the situation if they can’t secure a sponsor.

There are visa changes applicable for visitor visa holders too. The government of Australia has asked those on a visitor visa for 3 months or less to immediately return to their home country.

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