Sweden removes COVID travel ban from April 1

Sweden removes COVID travel ban from April 1 (1)

Sweden has made an announcement that it is going to remove the ban on essential travel, and the ban will be lifted up from April 1. The Swedish Ministry of Justice has made the announcement on March 25, 2022 regarding the lifting up of the ban.


  • Ban to travel to Sweden will be removed from April 1
  • Vaccination tests and certificates will not be needed

More information

The pandemic is not over but has entered a new phase. Now the prevailing variants are mild. The government has stated that ban for the EU nation has already been lifted up, and there is no plan to extend the ban on these nations. This step will make it easy to migrate to Sweden. The ban for EU and EEA nations was lifted up on February 9.

According to a report published on March 8, the government has announced that coronavirus is not dangerous now in spite of the cases occurring in the country.

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