Summer days and hopes for EU tourism from the EC President

Summer holidays in Europe

It’s tempting to reach the summer holidays and pack your bags to some amazing tourist destinations in Europe. This year, COVID-19 has hit those plans and the tourism industry is suffering really hard. Many must have canceled their travel plans as the pandemic is still around. Seems like there’s no other way to deal with it.

But those who have not yet given up on the dream for a tourist visa to Europe has some good news. The President of the European Commission, Ms. Ursula von der Leyen, has expressed hope in reopening European tourism. This could be possible with some specific measures being followed. Social distancing is a major one among them.

From being skeptical about the possibility of European summer holiday plans just a week before, she has come up encouraged to think positively. She has stated that smart solutions implemented in tourism can make it possible to open it to tourists. This should be encouraging for those who are trying to apply for a tourist visa.

Ms. Ursula is quite enthusiastic about the possibility of reopening European tourism with some essential measures been taken. This includes ensuring the hygiene of travelers, social distancing at tourist spots, and better crowd management. Nevertheless, she is of the opinion that care should be taken at every step of allowing relaxations.

Her major reference to such a positive thought has been the way in which production in industries has changed its ways. Now, there are more shifts, smaller groups of workers, and ensuring hygiene and social distancing.

Her yet another observation was that the COVID virus is going to stay active till next year. It would be needed that people learn to live with it and gain more strength against it. Despite the idea she put forward, she too shared her concern of the uncertainty looming on the summer season tourism in the current scenario.

There are European leaders who differ with the idea of lifting travel restrictions to attain normalcy until later this year. One such voice has been of the French President Mr. Emmanuel Macron. He has suggested that the EU should stay closed under the present circumstances, at least until September 2020.

It would be confusing to consider the possibilities of a summer vacation in Europe at this point in time. But just wait and see if you can still go ahead with your favorite plan.

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