Suggestions for emigrants to Australia

Suggestions for emigrants to Australia

Before applying to migrate to Australia, understand which visa class you may be eligible for as there are visa classes running into hundreds in Australia. Check out the DIBP website or speak to an accredited migration agent to find out which class you truly fit into. In fact, many MARA (Migration Agents Registration Authority) approved migration agents offer online evaluations.
We would like to digress here as we would like to state where most people would like to migrate to in Australia. They would consider the big five cities – Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth. That is because they are considered cosmopolitan, offer a better quality of life and work opportunities and are internationally connected.
Make sure you have all the required documents such as birth certificate, valid passport, documents of identity with you. Take their photocopies and keep the originals in a secure place, especially where you can easily access them.
Though Australia may seem like a homogeneous country, each city, province and state differs from the other in more ways than one. Therefore, the job opportunities, way of life and the rules vary from region to region. All this information, of course, can be sourced from Internet, authoritative books on Australia and by paying a visit to the Australian consulate closest to you.
The DIBP expects that to apply in a proper fashion one must use the latest version of each form, failing which your application will not be accepted as they would qualify it as improper. For your information, the versions of forms can change very frequently, so you need to check if the version is of the latest date.

Another thing you need to bear in mind while applying for a visa is that you inform your immediate previous employers that you have plans of relocating to Australia as DIBP would contact them. Keep ready your pay slips or put them at least on your Internet so that you can take their printouts.  These are most important as they are the key to your employment – the basis on which your visa may get rejected or approved.
In addition, DIBP would like to know if the duties you discharged in your previous employments are the ones which are relevant to your nominated occupation. When you give your employer references, make sure you provide adequate information about their total sphere of work. This will only buttress your chances of bagging a visa.

Honesty doesn’t hurt. In fact, it only portrays you in a positive light, which is what will satisfy both the immigration authorities and your future employers. For instance, if you have been convicted in even a minor case, you MUST declare it. With technology, no one can keep their falsely keep their record squeaky clean by pushing unpleasant things under the carpet. It would eventually be found out and the attendant embarrassment that comes with it can be truly humiliating. It can ruin your entire career, and if you are sent back, chances of getting a job even in you home country would be remote.

Also, make sure that you submit your application well ahead of the last date. Inadvertent delays do happen and you just cannot prevent them.  Here, most importantly, when dealing with DIBP, respond to all of their requests promptly. It also does matter for your application to be approved.

Please remember that emigration is once-in –a-lifetime investment, which is why you cannot afford to be slacking off at any stage of your application process. It is also an investment as it would be painful if your application is rejected. These are, in fact, the most important things you cannot afford to forget. You need to, therefore, carry enough money that you can expend on a rainy day. Be very patient when

Be very patient when application is not processed swiftly as just like in India, bureaucracy in government departments can be painful to put up with. So bide your time when all of this is happening. It might happen very quickly for some people, but that can be attributed to pure luck. So if it happens to your friend, do not assume that you are unlucky. If all this sounds frightening to you, it frankly was not the intention of this writer. It is not really as scary as it seems and besides these suggestions are meant only to make you extra cautious.

If all this sounds frightening to you, it frankly was not the intention of this writer. It is not really as scary as it seems and besides these suggestions are meant only to make you extra cautious.

As we have stated above, you cannot understate the importance of a MARA. If you are looking for a registered migration agent in Melbourne or for that matter in any other city in the Land Down Under, you will surely come across one if you research meticulously.  When you have decided to hire one, do not hesitate to ask them what may seem trivial. Do not be EMBARASSED at any stage when posing them any questions. It is after all their business to be patient. That entails them to be tolerant while listening to all your concerns. Do not hold back as this is the most important career decision of your whole life.  Moving to a country to spend the remainder of your life is not a matter you can trifle with!!!

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